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    PVE test

    @ZeddOTak maybe, but i'm think the best option is a playing on mobile no matter what. Often if there is a multiplatform (including phones) mobile version is winning.

    PVE test

    Just as I look at this alfe presented in the film, I think it will be better to play on mobile devices of course, according to me. But I accept the presentation of this gameplay positively. I'm definitely waiting for this game.
  3. Ophimanders, without a doubt. According to the description, they supposedly come from dragons, and as my name comes from lizards, it somehow encourages me.
  4. It sounds very good, the system has already fallen into the standards, so it can also appeal to the players of older games. The idea of adding the possibility of changing the names of ranks along with boredom or being unique is also not worse, I'm on the plus side
  5. I definitely belong to those who are waiting for the game to be released. So my HYPE LEVEL has gone off scale in anticipation of this promising game. 10/10, understated to fit in the range.
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