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  1. Hello everyone! Since we're going to have the "Alignment" feature in the future, I was thinking that having a "stat" about that would be good, that could also be used as a requirement, let me give you an example of my idea; Cursed Wooden Sword Wooden Sword Holy Wooden Sword The Cursed or Holy effect/requirement indicates that if you belong to the Good Alignment you cannot wield that weapon or equip the equipment, and vice versa. The effect can be removed by a skilled Blacksmith, the skill could be a subtype/derivated skill from "Appraisal" Also, the Cursed/Holy stat will give a nice additional stat, like; Wooden Sword ATK +10 DEF +10 Cursed Wooden Sword ATK +10 DEF +10 CRIT +5% Thank you for reading! -Phanta
  2. Excuse me for not including the almighty Golden Chicken!
  3. Hello everyone! Recently I've had an idea about ranking the monsters/bosses/ in ranks, so it will be easier to know if you can take up a quests/boss battle or not, monster ranks (Tiers) could be divided such as; Monster Ranks S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier D-Tier E-Tier Extremely Powerful Enemies Very Powerful Enemies Powerful Enemies Intermediate Enemies Weak Enemies Starting/Very Weak Enemies This could be very useful when selecting dungeons/raids So an "A-Tier Dungeon" could be as the following; the monsters are B-Tier or C-Tier and the dungeon boss an A-Tier and if you're lucky (or unlucky ) the boss could also be an S-Tier! BONUS It would be nice if we also could know how strong is the enemy compared to us (the player), so a nice way to find out without dying is; The enemy name color will change based to your level/stats, so if you're just starting out (Lv.1) the chart should be similar, but after getting stronger (e.g Lv.10) the "Dragon" may appear Orange! Thank you for reading! - Phanta
  4. Congratulations! Keep on the amazing work, you deserve this
  5. I found out about Naïca, on a random website about "Alpha/Beta Games", it's a weird way but I'm grateful that I found out about this amazing game!
  6. You're welcome! Glad to be of help
  7. Sorry if this isn't really a bug, but I noticed that on the Social drop-down menu when you click "Instagram" it will send you to the Twitter of Naïca
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