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    PVE or PVP

    You mean like an area with monsters where PvP is allowed or like arena PvP
  2. Something cool I'll come up with. I'll take roleplay part a little bit more serious.
  3. Hey i dont know where i read or seen this but i think that servers will be divided based on language. Global (English), Spanish,Portuguese, French. Personally i think this is good idea since communication between players is one of the most important things in MMORPG. Again im not sure and we need to wait for @ZeddOTak's answer. I hope I helped ~Petko
  4. I would go for something in mix with mage and archer since skill tree in this game allows you to mix your play styles so you are not fixed to one role like in the other games which is pretty cool if you ask me. I would search for abilities that allow me to be as far away from combat but still able to deal damage. And the best part is that you can adapt your class or play style to your friends and vice versa so thats cool. But thats only my opinion lemme know yours guys ~Petko
  5. Petko

    Land Sharing

    But what if you set number of those places you can own to lets say 50. So only top 50 players can have their own plot of land. Or maybe not even players it would be cool for a guild to own a land as a sign of their dominance and strength. And also obtained land should also be possible to lose maybe something like Guild War in which your guild would fend of the invaders on set battleground. Big team battle that would decide the faith of clans sounds epic and cool to me. Lemme hear your opinion on this ~Petko
  6. Its cool i guess but if you are adding fishing you might as well add farming of some sort like having a guild garden to grow rare plants for potions and other items
  7. Petko

    Friend Directory

    And why not just guild chat? Or messenger for friends its cool idea dont get me wrong its just i thing normal messaging system would be easier.
  8. Petko

    PVE test

    Well yeah... UI is the same for PC and Mobile (for now at least ) but you can still play on PC and that was your original question. -Petko
  9. Petko

    PVE test

    Pre alpha tests were on PC and Android and closed-alpha will also be on PC and Android. Iphone and Mac will come alter after game is stable on 2 original platforms. I hope i helped. -Petko
  10. Game devs go for full customization of your character but drawing on shields is less likely to be implemented since even guild won't probably be in closed-alpha. Also killing NPCs is just bad and there is no way game devs are going to do that. -Petko
  11. Petko


    Yeah, that's good and all but don't expect to see this feature in alpha or even beta. Rn game is small with limited gameplay and options. Ofc game will expand as time goes on but rn there is little to no chance pets will be in alpha.They even said guilds might not be in game when closed alpha is launched. I hope i helped. Petko
  12. Petko

    Title Quests

    It would be nice for closed alpha testers to have something like "Old" just so you can show people in full version of the game ( in a year or more ofc ) that you are OG player.
  13. Just take your time guys, this can be one great game and im glad i can follow its development and how it grows. Love for the game and its community ❤
  14. I agree this is really cool idea but idea of the same item having different stats will be in the game. E.g. you can have 2 wooden swords: 1st one has +10 attack and other one +15 attack. I think its great idea but i don't think it will be possible to do it for alpha maybe even for beta. I dont think Alignment as you call it wont be implemented until full release since there is a lot of work on that ( both on programming part and on story writing). I hope my comment helped Petko
  15. As i said in previous comment alpha will be released in few mounts, but beta will come out a lot later. There is still a lot of development to be done so just be patient.
  16. Beta key? Dude alpha is not out yet, beta will take a year or probably more to come out.
  17. Petko

    Monster book

    Yeah but like official on www.naicaonline.com
  18. I was looking at Lazul gif and thought came to me. Was pre-alpha test on Lazul?? If i remember correctly you said that level on which we played (swamps) is suppose to be higher level place. So is that map just for pve-test or is it going to be in alpha?? And if my theory is correct this down here is swamps in which we played on last test. Swamp dungeon was quite large and if this picture is up to scale, Lazul is at least 3 times bigger! That means that there is a lot of work for designers and i predict that closed alpha release date will be delayed till late 2019.Maybe im wrong, a i hope i am couse this game has a lot of potential and i cant wait to play more of it.
  19. Petko

    Monster book

    It would be helpful if we have monster book ( something like pokedex) on NaicaOnline website. So we can have story, stats and other things about monsters. You can even place teasers for some monsters. Lets say for some new boss you just give us a name and a little bit of backstory and until that boss is defeated we wont know rest about him. Also nicknames of those players who killed it first could be written in that book.
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  24. Where to start? Hmmmmmm...? A yeeees... MUSHROOMS those little things are sooo tough and fast. Like mushroom can outrun fox? Please nerf monsters or buff us. If you exit monsters range they regain all their health instantly. So Mushrooms have knock back that can kick you out of the "fighting zone" and regain all hp. I think its better for monsters to slowly regain health. Also because of that "fight zone" little mushrooms cant be solo killed. If you try to kill one form distance you wont be able to deal enough dmg to them so they will just run to you and explode or they wont get provoked at all couse you are out of fight zone and you are not dealing dmg. Slugs have life steal but not normal one they take some of your hp but they regenerate all of their. My suggestion is for slugs to gain as much as they take. We had invisible walls on some bridges. Bugs or you are hiding something from us Only thing we could pick up was 19_scragle (aka. twigs) and loot. Stamina please increase it or lower cost of use or speed up regeneration. PLEASE. Its so boring when you have to stop and wait to regain stamina. And in places with a lot of so fast monsters its hard to fight with that low stamina. Increase joystick on phones or add option to increase it. Its too small my thumb hurts only after 30 min of playing. I dont know of other people but i had a respawn bug in that place afther bridges and fog (dungeon?). When i died i respawned in the same place and not at the entrance. Also i had bug in quest it said at bottom: "Bring: 0/7□" i think that twigs is missing. Please for next test add descriptions for skills i picked random ones and 3 of them could not be used so i guess they are passive but i didnt know what they do. For active you can figure out what they do by clicking on them but still description would help. A lot of times people were invisible and only shadows under them were visible. But at the end i had fun cant wait for next test and for alpha ( i think alpha wont be soon couse there is a lot more work for it but ill wait ). Love for Naica and support for developers. See ya
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