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  1. They are you can read about it in my screenshot or on this forum in announcements
  2. Petko


    Hey guys, I was wondering if there would be some kind of factions in the main game. I will make parallel with pokemon go teams, like let say there are three factions GOOD, NEUTRAL and EVIL and player at a certain level can join them. Every faction can maybe have some special ability in skill try only reserved for their faction or some buffs. It would be also fun that guilds are aligned with the faction of Guild Master. Maybe add some events like clash between evil and neutral faction where job of neutral faction is to defend some points on the map and for evil team to capture them and at the end victorious faction gets rewards. This could be a very nice way of bringing people together to crate some common identity in world of Naïca or a common enemy to unite the people. Maybe like people wont fight weaker player just for the reason thet they are in their faction. I know that this is a lot of work and if this idea is accepted ( PLEASE @ZeddOTak CONSIDER MY IDEA, PLEASE ?) we wont see it in alpha, maybe not even until full release, but its nice to think about it. Thats it guys thanks for reading and let me know what you think about this. Have fun in the world of Naïca.
  3. Beta is planed for the end of the year so that probably when they'll stop resets and just keep updating game. Game is now in alpha but losing your progress is not important, whats important is experience of exploring a game while its in the development, you can be among first people to try and explore new regions, learning about them before any one else. Thats just my opinion hope i helped you somehow. Have a nice day ?
  4. Hey guys i decided to try PC version of the game and im experimenting with controls so i was wondering if any of you have creative solutions. What keys do you use for spells? What for items on belt? Let me know and thanks ? Have fun playing the game
  5. Yeah same happened to me but mine just stopped at 7%, apparently it works if you restart
  6. Petko

    PVE or PVP

    You mean like an area with monsters where PvP is allowed or like arena PvP
  7. Something cool I'll come up with. I'll take roleplay part a little bit more serious.
  8. Hey i dont know where i read or seen this but i think that servers will be divided based on language. Global (English), Spanish,Portuguese, French. Personally i think this is good idea since communication between players is one of the most important things in MMORPG. Again im not sure and we need to wait for @ZeddOTak's answer. I hope I helped ? ~Petko
  9. I would go for something in mix with mage and archer since skill tree in this game allows you to mix your play styles so you are not fixed to one role like in the other games which is pretty cool if you ask me. I would search for abilities that allow me to be as far away from combat but still able to deal damage. And the best part is that you can adapt your class or play style to your friends and vice versa so thats cool. But thats only my opinion lemme know yours guys ? ~Petko
  10. Petko

    Land Sharing

    But what if you set number of those places you can own to lets say 50. So only top 50 players can have their own plot of land. Or maybe not even players it would be cool for a guild to own a land as a sign of their dominance and strength. And also obtained land should also be possible to lose maybe something like Guild War in which your guild would fend of the invaders on set battleground. Big team battle that would decide the faith of clans sounds epic and cool to me. Lemme hear your opinion on this ? ~Petko
  11. Its cool i guess but if you are adding fishing you might as well add farming of some sort like having a guild garden to grow rare plants for potions and other items
  12. Petko

    Friend Directory

    And why not just guild chat? Or messenger for friends its cool idea dont get me wrong its just i thing normal messaging system would be easier.
  13. Petko

    PVE test

    Well yeah... UI is the same for PC and Mobile (for now at least ) but you can still play on PC and that was your original question. -Petko
  14. Petko

    PVE test

    Pre alpha tests were on PC and Android and closed-alpha will also be on PC and Android. Iphone and Mac will come alter after game is stable on 2 original platforms. I hope i helped. -Petko
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