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  1. I already changed it, thanks for the warning.
  2. I am with enough follow-up to this possible new favorite game in discord but as it is to be assumed one always has doubts that sooner or later he will want to clarify them and this is one of the cases. First of all I was reading the forum about the guild and a question arose: how can the guilds be created? Will many requirements be needed to create it or at the beginning can they be created freely up to a certain limit? And if they were the requirements, what would they be? As far as I know, only alpha tests of PvP (player vs. player) were taken, which I did not have time to test, so I got some last questions. (I do not want to overload this xD forum either) Have you already taken alpha tests of PvE? Are there more videos showing more novelties of the game or do they want to surprise us by showing us the least so our experience in the game is wrapped in the curiosity and experimentation of everything they have to offer? I know many of these questions will not answer them but I'm sure there are many more future players who have the same questions as mine. I wish you a happy development and that the game comes out as soon as possible :3
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