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  1. Hi there! As we all know, there were some indication missing during the PvE test, we initially planned to include these littles indications later but it seems like it's way more urgent then we expected. So this week I worked a bit with Tibo, to create those indications in game. Here is a sneak peek of this system : : This is still raw, we have a lot of modification to add to this, but so far, the core mechanic is working pretty well That's it for today! See you soon!
  2. Hi there ! So, today i'm working on quest completion ! There will be many ways to accomplish quests, i wanted to show you a sneak peek of the (not finished) quest interface These quest mechanics are not the most complex ones, and again this is just a small example of what you will be able to do in game. We are cooking a neat and rich quest experience for you ! See you in the next episode !
  3. I'll begin this topic then ! I am currently working on interactable objects, such as chests and harvestable items ! We are planning on having different types of opening conditions. For instance it can be with a time constraint : it means that you'll have a "casting" time to open it, but you can be interrupted on a hit. Or else you could need a consumable object to open the container, or a tool to harvest something etc... This is not an exaustive list of course, it's just some example to give you an idea of what kind of interaction you will find in the game.
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    Hi ! There is a whole spanish community waiting for you follow the link : https://forums.naicaonline.com/forum/75-español/
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