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    They are aware and working on it. https://trello.com/b/17gJjNAy/naicaonline-tracker
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    Could you send me your email address in DM please? The iOS/Mac versions will be available this month
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    Every race can have some sort of small bonus (passive spell), which isn't making them OP, but can help players choose. Vulpians - Faster movement Denelites - idk 'xdd Ophimanders - Faster regeneration Cerbalis - More health Azralians - Better stealth /harder getting caught/ (pickpocketing or lockpicking too if you're planning on adding some of them) Or just a special spell for every of them.
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    U can probably see these in most of the RPGs, but they're a necessary. The types of damage can be applied to weapon, or a weapon itself can have them. Types of damage: Physical Damage - Basic damage done by normal weapons. Magic Damage - Basic damage done by spells Fire Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Water Monsters Water Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Fire Monsters Earth Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Air Monsters Air Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Earth Monsters Light/Holy/Blight Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Shadow Monsters Dark/Shadow/Void Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Light Monsters Explosion Damage - Good for Splash damaging Electric Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Robot/Electronic Monsters Crystal Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Crystal Monsters (Note: I'm just showing most of the types of damage, I'm not suggesting adding every of them.)
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    This is a great idea but the devs would have to be careful if they added special skills to try to avoid overuse of certain races just because it too greatly outweighs other's bonus skills, thus forcing certain builds for certain roles. The idea of the skills is to be able to make your own unique build after all. And of course people are going to use certain builds for certain roles but there shouldn't be any build that can take up all roles better than a build that specializes in one.
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    (deso pour l'ortographe j'ai un clavier anglais) selon les competences et/ou les actions du joueur, les classes pourront evoluer en d'autres classes superieures a partir d'un certain niveau. les classes superieures auront de nouvelles competences et des types d'armes differents. voici mon idee d'evolution: Guerrier (epee et bouclier) -> paladin (utilise les masses et les boucliers) -> samourai (katana et couteaux) -> berserker (epee et grosses epees) -> chevalier (epee et bouclier +) -> vagabond (utilise deux epees) Archer (arc) -> tireur d'elite (utilise les pistolets et arcs) -> sniper (utilise les arcs +) -> voleur (utilise les arcs et les couteaux) Mage (baton) -> sorcier (utilise les batons et les livres) -> guerrier magique (utilise les epee, les livres et les orbes, peut utiliser 2 objets en meme temps) -> necromancien (utilise les batons et les orbes) -> soigneur (utilise les orbes+) -> magicien *utilise les batons et les livres +) j'espere que ca plaira au developpeurs, bon jeu a tous !!
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