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    Hey everyone ! I've been doing some research sketches for the forest of Lazul these last few days ! Here are two drawings regarding this area !
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    I'll begin this topic then ! I am currently working on interactable objects, such as chests and harvestable items ! We are planning on having different types of opening conditions. For instance it can be with a time constraint : it means that you'll have a "casting" time to open it, but you can be interrupted on a hit. Or else you could need a consumable object to open the container, or a tool to harvest something etc... This is not an exaustive list of course, it's just some example to give you an idea of what kind of interaction you will find in the game.
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    Hi! I'm Greg, I design and animate In Naica. I'll post some artworks from time to time here. Hope you will enjoy! For my first post, this is some tiles, and a view of what it will look like in the game (it's the work of Tibo, our DA).
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    Hey everyone! Here are some sketches for monster research made by @greglofe and @Sol. Most of them won't be in Naïca, but you may see some in Lazul: you'll have to keep attention!
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    Hi there ! So, today i'm working on quest completion ! There will be many ways to accomplish quests, i wanted to show you a sneak peek of the (not finished) quest interface These quest mechanics are not the most complex ones, and again this is just a small example of what you will be able to do in game. We are cooking a neat and rich quest experience for you ! See you in the next episode !
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    Hey everyone! We will use this discussion to share our progress on Naïca with you. Developpers and graphic designers will answer to this post by describing & explaining the work they have done and/or what they are working on. Posts will not be published on a regular basis, it will all depend on which topics the members of the team can share (yes, it will be spoiler free so do not worry). It will be "raw discussion" which is entirely different from the DevBlogs: not long, planned articles but short posts.
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    Hello adventurers! Day after day, we work on Naïca's development and we keep improving the content of the closed Alpha (which will take place in Lazul's swamp). As explained in the letter to the community released earlier in March, the launch date of the closed Alpha will be announced once it's ready. Keys will then be sent by email to players, on a regular basis. We will start small to make sure everything works fine, and then increase it slowly but steady! The swamp of Lazul Lately, we have been working on different quests and we'll soon dive into PvP. Once this is done, the next step will be the dungeon and everything related to it: monsters, rooms, quests and of course, its boss. We are adding some new features that weren't planned at first for the launch of the closed Alpha and we also make some changes depending on internal tests results and feedbacks. This way, the interaction system of Naïca is now way more visual for players and easier to understand. Also, we've got a great looking map (see below)! Since last month, we started to work with a composer and a sound designer, so you can expect some music and also sound effects later on. At the moment, we can't confirm if there will be music and/or sounds at the launch of the closed Alpha. The development of content and features come first, so if we have some spare time before the launch we'll try to work on its integration. Several images and videos are shared through our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and forums, if you are interested to see more content. Earlier this year we also started a topic named "Follow-up on the development" in which you can read short posts from developers and graphic designers of the team! MONSTERS RESEARCH Most of them won't be in Naïca but you will probably be able to recognize those who will make it to the game! INTERACTION SYSTEM After our first PvE test, we realized a lot of visual information was missing from the game, like "what does this character do?" (and also for monsters). So we started to work on an interaction system, which evolved over time: Old version Current version QUEST CHARACTERS With every quest come its character! If you follow us on Instagram, you may already have seen Tromah, the farting warthog. Greg, our graphic designer, draw him for one of the Inktober artworks back in October. Dinktrip, the artist Tromah, the farting warthog TRADE IN NAÏCA Trades are very important in MMORPGs and we really wanted to make it available right away in Naïca. So, even if a few things may change until the launch of the closed Alpha, it will mostly look like this in your game! CLOSED ALPHA MAP - THE SWAMP After testing a few times, the need of a map felt way more important than we thought, especially in this area since the swamp has a tricky design and is meant to confuse players a bit. In game, you will be able to see it by going through the menu of Naïca. Also, you may recognize the skull island, which we published a few months back on our social networks! As the release of the closed Alpha comes closer, we will release more content and publish more informations about Naïca: we can't wait to let you play our game after more than a year of work and development! We will see you soon on Naïca! The Naïca Team
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    Hey there! We're busy setting everything up for the next test but I thought I'd share a little something with you! I just recently added a new fog animation on the map. It is still a work in progress so it might not be the final design. The first one you can see is at the very beginning of the map we set for the test. The second one is located at the edge, leading to the real troubles awaiting you in the future test!
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    Hey! I made a fanart of my future Vulpian sword(wo)man you like it?
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    Hey everyone! Some of you may have questions about the rank system in Guilds so here are some answers that could help you (subject to change): - There will be 3 different type of groups, each of them with their own rights: Guild Master, Officers, Members. - *NOT AVAILABLE YET: You will be able to rename each group as you see fit (example: Guild Master → King). Also, you will be able to create different ranks in the same group (example: Officers → Knights, Barons, Lords). - As the Guild Master, you will be able to invite players in your Guild, remove Members & Officers from your Guild, promote Members to Officers (*NOT AVAILABLE YET: and rename/create new ranks in every groups). - As Officer, you will be able to invite players in your Guild and remove Members from your Guild. - As Member, you will have none of the rights written above. See you soon on Naïca!
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    The development of Naïca started a little over a year ago. Since then, the development team as well as the universe of Naïca have grown. In November, we announced the closed Alpha would be released early 2019 and starting from January we received a lot of messages asking us the exact date. We have done several PvP tests but also some PvE tests with the first dungeon of Naïca located in the swamps, the area available for the closed Alpha. The players who participated have wandered on a small part of the swamps (Alpha's area is 5 to 6 times bigger) and fought numerous monsters way too strong for them. These PvE tests raised several new issues we shared a few weeks back: balancing and communication. Players had almost zero chance to vanquish monsters while they were alone (or even in team) and the process to create a party, communicate with allies or even interact with NPCs and items were tiresome. It can look easy to do but we are dealing with many issues that we must anticipate and/or fix in the moment. Naïca is our first video game, therefore every day we learn new things whether from our past mistakes or from solutions we want to bring to answer the needs of the community. We expected to launch the closed Alpha of Naïca on Tuesday, 2nd April, but we realized the actual version of Naïca did not reflect the image of the game we wanted to show you. Then, we had two choices: either launch the Alpha on the planned date to keep our promise knowing that the quality of the content available will be lessened, or postpone the Alpha to an unknown date and take time to polish the entire available content. Because we are an indie video game studio without a publisher to impose us deadlines and because we all prefer to show you a great Alpha we opted for the second option, postponing the closed Alpha to an unknown date. We will keep you updated about the development of Naïca as we always did (check this topic for regular informations) and we will announce you the launch date of the closed Alpha once it's ready. Thank you for your support, and see you soon on Lazul's swamps! Naïca Team
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    Hi everyone ! I'm Sol and I work as Level Designer on Naïca. Today I wanted to show you a tool I am using on a daily basis. We call it the Magic Tile. It was designed for Unity by the dev team to allow me to create various grounds on a large scale. The tool calculates the position of every tiles within the area I'm drawing and links the appropriate sprite to each of these tiles. Here on this example I am using the "Paint with a filled box" tool of my Tile Palette with the Magic Tile selected. That specific tile is even more special as it uses a 5*5 tile set as reference, allowing me to draw multiple levels of ground at once. By just erasing the middle section it draws the inner section and by adding more filled boxes to the sides it draws the outter section. That's all for today !
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    Hola! hice este fan art de mi futura Vulpian Guerrera en pixel art! Espero que les guste y compartan los suyos también! Saludos
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    Wanted to support the devs. Have some fan art, guys, I know how it feels to get one. Keep up the great work!
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    Hi, I wanna show you today something we did some weeks ago. There is still work to do on it but basically trading will be like that (still Work In Progress). You take the items you wish to exchange and put them in your exchange window. Once done, you can confirm the exchange and when both players have done it, the trade proceeds.
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    Hi there! As we all know, there were some indication missing during the PvE test, we initially planned to include these littles indications later but it seems like it's way more urgent then we expected. So this week I worked a bit with Tibo, to create those indications in game. Here is a sneak peek of this system : : This is still raw, we have a lot of modification to add to this, but so far, the core mechanic is working pretty well That's it for today! See you soon!
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    NAÏCA - Rules The community of Naïca is already big with several thousands of players. So in order to all enjoy our time on the forums and with other players, here are some rules (or more common sense) we all need to follow: 1) BE RESPECTFUL: Everyone is here to talk with other players or help them. Respect everyone and do not insult anyone's race, choices, platform preference, skill-level, or anything else. Also, we won't accept any form of bullying. Do not pick on or point out others' flaws in order to annoy them. Keep it constructive! 2) NO INSULTS, NOR INAPPROPRIATE WORDS OR IMAGES: Any profanity or inappropriate image even censored are not tolerated. 3) NO SPAM/ADS: Do not spam or promote content of any form in the forums. You can of course talk about other video games, brands or other topics as long as it is constructive. 4) PRIVACY: Do not publicly post any form of informations related to your real life or to someone else's life. Real life's informations includes names, phone number, adresses, photos, email adresses, private messages/emails and anything else that will to identify you or someone else of the community. 5) NO LEAKS: No leaks are allowed in the forums. If you are concerned about leaks please contact an Admin or a Moderator. We want our players to have the best experience possible and to enjoy the surprises we'll create for them. 6) COMPLAINTS: We won't tolerate aggressive or hostile complaints posted in the forums. If you want to complaint about something in the game, write a constructive topic or answer. If you have a complaint about a player, please report him. If you wish to complaint about your behaviour on the forums, send the Moderators a message and they will handle your case. 7) NO SPOIL: We all enjoy books, tv series and movies so please do not spoil anyone in the forums or we'll snap our fingers. USE THE CORRECT FORUMS: Post only in the forum's language. Any post or comment in the wrong language will be deleted. Failure to this rules can result in a warning point being applied and ultimately to account sanctions if necessary. Acquiring warning points will result in the following sanctions: 3 warning points = 4 days suspension 5 warning points = 10 days suspension 6 warning points = permanent ban (forums) *Warning point will automatically be removed 1 year after being applied. Keep in mind that warnings are used as reminders to participate respectfully on the forums. If unable to do so, you will receive additional warnings and potentially face the sanctions listed above. ** Warning points are only visible by the warning point holder, Moderators, Staffs and Admins. Warning points are private informations and should remain this way.
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    Hello everyone, I guess it's time to kick off the community creations section. Here's a simple frog guy I did when bored. I''m looking forward to seeing your creations!
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    Hey adventurers! A few months back (just scroll up), we announced we were working on a new interaction system. We are using visuals to make it easier for players to understand the purpose of each NPCs and, since then, we've made some progress and changes. Currently, you will see a specific logo on top of an NPC related to his function (Merchant, Quest giver...). Also, if you have a quest with a collect objective (say, twigs) you will see a bag on top of it. This way, you'll know exactly which item to interact with in the game to complete your quests! Naïca's closed Alpha: Dank Camp
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    Hello everyone! As some of you may know, we ended our last test on August 7 which was exclusively on Android: so after almost 2 months of testing, what's to say? During this period, over 1300 players participated to the test, 3972 quests were completed and 4 players reached level 10: congratulations @Reeser, @DilBert, @TORRES and @Lismo! Everyone started in the Dank camp, and so will you once the closed Alpha is out. This will be your home in Naïca for the closed Alpha. Over the course of the test, we made several changes to the game. First, monsters were way too hard (yes, again...) so we reduced their damage and health points a bit. All monsters were aggressive (a.k.a. they attacked players on sight) and we decided to let only a handful of monsters that way. You can now walk around the swamp (or even go AFK) without the fear of being attacked by dozens of monsters. This is exactly how it felt like for players (and for us too). The dungeon was the most tricky part but in the end we decided to relieve the complexity a bit. At first the dungeon has 3 rooms: 2 normal rooms and the boss room (Pupuce). By playing with other players we noticed it was a bit uneasy for new players to complete it and sometimes they would just give up. Because we already know we will add an option to increase the difficulty of the dungeon, we removed the 2nd room. For players who just want to do the dungeon to get a taste of this feature and see what it's like, they won't have this fear of getting bored, killed again and again or won't even try it because it's too long. Pupuce, the boss of the dungeon (Credits: @Skēto). On the other hand, the players who love challenges and wish to sweat blood and tears could increase the difficulty by setting the dungeon in Elite 1 and see how it goes with stronger monsters and 3 rooms instead of 2 in Elite 0. The Elite feature won't be available at the launch of the closed Alpha but it is something we aim to release later on. We are extremely happy about the test and players feedback. It is heartwarming and we are excited to show you the game in a few months! Also we learnt that walking around and discovering the area was the second favorite things for players: you will definitely have to walk a lot when you will be looking for these crystal pages... Thank you again for your support and your feedback: our next step is the closed Alpha which will launch in the next months!
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    Naïca está creciendo cada vez más mes a mes y muchas preguntas surgen por parte de la comunidad: PvE, hermandades, mazmorras, razas… Esperamos que esto clarifique algunas preguntas. Ten en cuenta que Naïca está en desarrollo de manera que no entraremos en muchos detalles y todo está sujeto a cambios. Lazul, la primera región de Naïca PvE Naïca, del mundo-cristal Empezarás tu aventura en Lazul, una región del planeta Naïca con muchas áreas distintas: campos, pantanos, bosques, pueblos… Incluso con la pacífica vida en Lazul, te enterarás por parte del Anciano que una amenaza está a punto de destruir todo lo que conocemos. Salvar el mundo no será una tarea simple y los secretos de Naïca están bien ocultos. ¿Estarás listo para el desafío? Todas las regiones de Lazul y Naïca tienen sus propias criaturas, monstruos y NPCs que te darán misiones. Completa misiones y mata monstruos para obtener experiencia y mejor equipo para tu personaje. Razas En Naïca, serás capaz de jugar diversas razas. Además, cada raza tendrá un pasivo distinto (esto profundizaremos más tarde): Vulpians: Listos y astutos, los Vulpians saben como escapar de malas situaciones. Pero ten cuidado, ellos suelen tener mala reputación a pesar de tener una cara bonita... Denelites: Apreciados por todos, los Denelites son comúnmente conocidos por ser gente en la cual puedes confiar en cualquier circunstancia. Si necesitas a uno, ¡comprueba la taberna! Ophimanders: Las leyendas indican que los Ophimanders son descendientes de los dragones pero nadie ha visto como son los dragones. Una cosa es bien sabida: nunca subestimes a los Ophimanders. Cerbalis: Si estás buscando pelea, tan solo consulta un Cerbalis y ellos accederán a luchar contra ti. Ni se te ocurra darles carne, ya que se sentirán ofendidos. Azralians: Los Azralians son auténticos expertos del camuflaje. A veces ocurre que los padres son incapaces de encontrar a sus hijos durante horas tras jugar con ellos al escondite. Las razas de Naïca, de izquierda a derecha: Vulpian, Denelite, Ophimander, Cerbali y Azralian Armas y Armaduras Las armas y armaduras tendrán todas diferentes estadísticas y requerirán de un cierto nivel para poder ser equipadas por los jugadores. Se podrá dar el caso de encontrar 2 armas o 2 armaduras iguales con el mismo requisito de nivel pero con diferentes (o similares) estadísticas. Hay 3 tipos de armas en Naïca: Espadas, Arcos y Bastones, mientras que las armaduras no tendrán ningún tipo específico. No habrán ni armaduras ligeras, ni medianas, ni pesadas. Todas las piezas de armaduras tendrán diferentes estadísticas y los jugadores podrán elegir las armaduras que quieran llevar dependiendo de su estilo de juego. Clases y Habilidades En Naïca no tendrás que elegir una clase específica cuando crees a tu personaje ya que tiene un sistema adaptativo. Habrá 3 diferentes árboles de habilidades para cada tipo de arma: Espada, Bastón y Arco. Con cada nivel, obtendrás un punto de habilidad, con el cual podrás aprender una nueva talento: una habilidad activa, una habilidad pasiva o una estadística. Cuando aprender una talento en uno de los grupos, tu elección al siguiente nivel será: Aprender una talento del mismo grupo Aprender una talento del grupo anterior Aprender una talento del siguiente grupo perteneciente al mismo árbol de habilidades ¡Deberás elegir qué talentos serán de tu interés! Alineamiento y Creencias Algunas de las misiones en Naïca tendrán un impacto en tu alineamiento. Deberás hacer elecciones que estarán relacionadas con Naide o Icaon, las 2 divinidades de Naïca. Una vez hermano y hermana, ahora luchan durante las épocas y siempre buscan intentar incrementar su poder. Tus elecciones durante misiones y PvP abierto determinarán en qué lado estás, así que ten cuidado. Profesiones y Elaboración Habrán profesiones en Naïca que te permitirán crear diversos objetos (armas, armaduras, pociones, etc…): Peletería, Carpintería, Herrería y Herbalista. Como se dijo en la introducción, esto está sujeto a cambios y os diremos más al respecto en unos meses. Mazmorras y Bandas Los jugadores serán capaces de hacer grupos para poder completar mazmorras y bandas en Naïca. Diversas mazmorras y bandas serán repetibles de manera infinita, mientras que otras tendrán unas condiciones determinadas para poder hacerlas (solo una vez a la semana, solo una vez al día, etc…). Os informaremos más al respecto con el paso del tiempo. Las mazmorras son instancias con un equipo de 5 jugadores: deberán derrotar al jefe de la mazmorra para ser recompensados con dinero y equipo específico. Sin embargo, las bandas son como las mazmorras pero a lo grande. Necesitarás un equipo de más de 5 jugadores y necesitarás completar una serie de objetivos, incluyendo derrotar diversos jefes. Las recompensas serán más grandes y se obtendrá mejor equipo que en las mazmorras. Los grupos en Naïca se compondrán de 5 jugadores, a no ser que se active el modo banda para poder meter más jugadores juntos. Si estás en modo Bandas, solo podrás acceder a los objetivos y localizaciones marcados específicamente como banda. No serás capaz de completar misiones estando en el modo Banda. Intercambios Podrá activar el modo Vendedor Ambulante para permitir que otros jugadores vean su tienda. Podrán comprar tus artículos mientras juegas y el modo Vendedor ambulante no funcionará si estás desconectado. Además, uno de los canales de discusiones estará dedicado únicamente para comerciar con otros jugadores. Hermandades En Naïca, los jugadores serán capaces de crear o unirse a una hermandad. Una hermandad permitirá a los jugadores poder interactuar y jugar con otros de manera sencilla: habrá un canal exclusivo solo para la hermandad. Al crear una Hermandad, se podrá elegir: El nombre de la hermandad . El emblema de la hermandad También se podrán configurar y otorgar rangos a los miembros de la hermandad. PvP Honor, combates puntuados y clasificación Ganar un enfrentamiento PvP hará que el jugador gane puntos de Honor, que es la moneda que se usa para poder comprar nuevos objetos. Cuando se gane un enfrentamiento puntuado (solo en Arenas) también se ganarán unos puntos específicos que ayudarán al jugador a progresar en la clasificación. Arenas: modos de juego y puntuadas Las arenas permitirán a los jugadores luchar PvP en pequeños grupos de jugadores (5vs5 máximo) en un mapa pequeño. Habrán diversos juegos, desde combates a muerte hasta mapas con objetivos específicos. Habrá 2 tipos de enfrentamientos de arena: juegos normales y puntuados. Campos de batalla: modos de juego Los campos de batalla son mapas enormes con más jugadores que en las arenas. Los mapas de campos de batalla serán distintos a los mapas de las arenas. Los modos de juego estarán basados únicamente en objetivos específicos. No habrán campos de batalla puntuados. PvP Abierto Algunas áreas en PvE estará abierto a PvP por lo que podrás atacar a cualquier jugador: ¡tendrás que tener cuidado al cruzar estas áreas! Compartiremos más información sobre el PvP abierto y el impacto que tendrá el alineamiento en este vendrá más adelante. Tienda Naïca estarán un juego gratuito y tendrá una tienda dentro del juego: en ella, podrás comprar objetos cosméticos y objetos para progresar más rápido en el juego. En la tienda de Naïca no encontrarás objetos que te hagan más fuerte o te den una notable ventaja por delante de jugadores que no pagan. El Alpha de Naïca saldrá a principios de 2019. Más información será revelada al público conforme más nos acerquemos al Alpha. Naïca será implementado para PC (Windows, Linux), Mac, Android y iOS (multiplataforma).
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    100 000 adventurers are now ready to step foot on Naïca's soil! We didn't expect such a result only 10 months after launching the project and we are sincerely thanking you. After several months of work we have some announcements to do, so let's meet in January to know what this is about! See you soon on Naïca and merry Christmas to everyone!
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    A new script was written by @Naphtalineto randomize the animation time of the crystals glow in the Swamps. This way, it won't feel robotic but more organic!
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    Salut à tous, Je viens juste de finir la rediffusion du DevStream #1, et j'aimerais faire un petit retour sur ce que j'en ai pensé. Premièrement, je voudrais dire que c'était pas mal du tout, il y avait du contenu, on voit que ça n'a pas été préparé "vite fait", vous aviez de belles fiches. Et l'équipe suivait bien hors cam. Il est clair que c'est un MMORPG fait par des passionnés, pour des passionnés, et ça fait plaisir ! Je vais essayer d'être bien structuré, points par points : Le son, vous l'avez remarqué pendant le stream et c'était très bien Mais il y a un petit détail qui m'a perturbé, avoir un verre d'eau a portée de main c'est tout à fait normal, mais quand il se pose sur la même table que le micro, ça fait un gros bruit (même si Zedd faisait doucement), peut être penser à avoir une autre petit table à côté ou alors le poser par terre. (Ca fait plus cheap) Zedd a clarifié qu'il y aura un wipe entre l'alpha et la beta, sera t'il de même pour la sortie officielle? Steam C'est évidemment une question épineuse, à laquelle vous avez réfléchi longuement Et je pense que vous avez totalement raison de ne pas vous précipiter sur cette plateforme, elle pomperait des bénéfices. Elle pourrait par contre être bénéfique si le jeu ne décolle pas (ce que je ne pense pas), elle pourrait amener une quantité considérable de joueurs. Les familiers, vous parlez de 2 sortes de familiers, pratique et cosmétique Pourquoi ne pas faire un mix des deux, il y aurait différents familiers avec des stats différentes, et on pourrait y mettre un skin (que l'on pourrait acheter en boutique) un peu comme dans Dofus (avec les mimibiottes). La Q&A, il y a eu un petit moment où vous attendiez les questions Il pourrait peut être y avoir un gars de l'équipe qui répertorie les questions (intéressantes) posées pendant le stream. Et vous les poses à la fin. Le cactus, il me parait fort tendancieux mais bon Votre comportement pendant le stream : Balayne Quel charisme , je suis jaloux. A un moment tu as perdu le fil de la discussion, c'est normal, c'est la fin de la semaine, tout le monde est fatigué, mais heureusement, tu t'es vite repris ! Naphta Au début, tu avais l'air très stressé, je pense que tu avais peur pour ton anglais mais il est tout à fait correcte et compréhensible, à la fin tu étais très bien ! J'ai l'impression que tu avais parfois des choses à rajouter mais que tu n'osais pas interrompre les autres, ça c'est un choix à faire entre vous, mais je pense que si cela apporte un plus, il vaut mieux le faire. Zedd Tu dois faire en sortes que tout se passe bien, vous êtes une entreprise et il faut que ça reste "professionnel" et sérieux, mais c'est vendredi soir pour tout le monde, tu peux te détendre un peu Tes explications étaient toujours très claires, et tu savais quand "réexpliquer" ce que un dev essayait d'expliquer, c'était très bien ! Finalement, c'était très bien structuré, très compréhensible. On a vu que le jeu avançait très bien et rapidement, et le stream ne s'est pas éternisé pour ne rien dire, ça c'est important ! Bref, j'espère que ça apportera quelque chose et que ce n'est pas mal pris, hypeLevel += 100; PS : Les viewers qui touchent rien avec les Kappa PS2 : Le tacle de Diablo était magique
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    Watch us live for our first DevStream on friday 18 at 7:00pm CET! Live : twitch.tv/naicaonline We'll speak english with our lovely french accent and we have some surprises in store for you... See you on friday!
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    Greetings adventurers! After all those months of work and tests, we have great news for everyone: THE CLOSED ALPHA OF NAÏCA WILL LAUNCH ON SEPTEMBER 24! Access will be sent at random to players (donators will be prioritized). Once the closed Alpha is launched, access will be sent every week and their capacity will increase over time. YOUR FIRST LEVELS We made a big shift to Naïca the past few days: because the continent of Lazul is in the end way bigger than we had imagined in 2018, we decided to increase the maximum level from 10 to 30. The more the development progressed the more we felt Lazul was huge. We want your progression to reflect the world you are in, and only 10 tiny levels didn't seem like a proper fit for such a huge continent. During the closed Alpha you will play in the swamp of Lazul, which was a level 5 to 7 zone and is now a level 15 to 19 zone. WHAT'S NEXT? The closed Alpha is going to evolve: we plan to release a lot of content throughout the months to come. Nevertheless, some new content may take more time than planned to be developed and tested (as often in the video game sector). Here is a brief presentation of the closed Alpha updates: October: talent points reset, friend list, zone crystals. November: iOS and Mac versions, Elite dungeon system. December: guilds. Early 2020: more to come… A more detailed roadmap will be available later on, on our website. We will keep you informed before every update. The next zone to be released is the forest of Lazul which is 7 times bigger than the swamp (yes, Lazul is big). The professions (crafting) will be released alongside this zone. More details will be shared later! If you wish to support us Rendezvous on September 24, Team Naïca
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    Hello everyone! As you may have seen in our newsletter a few weeks back, we are working on the UI for PC. As you can see, many things have change but it works in the same way. You will find your 5 differents actions, your items bar and we added a minimap to improve your adventure in Naïca. Minimap is a mandatory feature for MMORPGs on PC and we are looking if we can add it to the mobile version. Nothing sure for now, since we do not want to have too much information on your User Interface and we do not know if it's extremely useful on mobile. While developing it, we have had some issues with the drag and drop for short cuts menus but it's now resolved (thank you devs). In fact, in PC, you will be able to customize your short cuts bar to optimize your gaming experience. We will gladly listen to your feedback once you lay hand on the PC version of Naïca! WIP - User Interface of Naïca on PC
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    Did you miss our first DevStream yesterday? The replay is available on our YouTube channel: Watch us on camera and discover the first gameplay of our new PvE test!
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    Creo que mi opinión es compartida por muchos jugadores, Esperón puedan llegar a equilibrar las transacciones para que no sea un juego más del montón. La verdad es que Naïca promete mucho y sería una lastima que el potencial sea frustrado por el deseo de ordeñar la idea. Sé que muchos y me incluyo nos gusta invertir en un juego si merece la pena y Naïca promete valer la pena y mucho
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    Naïca is growing month after month and a lot of questions arise from the community: PvE, guilds, dungeons, races… We hope this will bring you some answer. Keep in mind that Naïca is currently in development so we won’t go too deep into the details and everything is subject to change. Lazul, the first region of Naïca PvE - Player versus Environment Naïca, the world-crystal You will start your adventure on Lazul, a region of the planet Naïca with a lot of different areas: fields, swamps, forests, village… Even though life is pretty calm in Lazul, you will soon learn from the Elder that a threat may destroy everything you know. Saving the world will not be an easy task and the secrets of Naïca are well hidden. Will you be up to the challenge? Every region of Lazul and Naïca will have its own creatures, monsters and NPCs giving you quests. Accomplish quests and kill monsters to earn experience and find new gear to equip on your character. Races In Naïca, you will be able to play several races. Also, each of them will have a unique passive (we will disclose it later): Vulpians: Clever and cunning, Vulpians know how to escape from every bad situations. But be careful, they often have a bad reputation despite having a cute little face... Denelites: Universally appreciated, Denelites are well-known to be people you can rely on. If you need one of them, check out the tavern! Ophimanders: Legend tells that they would descend from dragons but no one has ever seen one thus far. Either way, do not underestimate them. Cerbalis: If you are looking for a fight, ask any Cerbalis and he will be happy to help. Do not try to befriend them by giving them meat or they will feel insulted. Azralians: Azralians are the true experts of camouflage. Some parents can spend hours looking for their children after playing hide-and-seek. The races of Naïca, from left to right: Vulpian, Denelite, Ophimander, Cerbali and Azralian Weapons and Armors Weapons and armors will all have different statistics and require a certain level to be equipped by the players. You may find the same weapon (or armor) twice with the same required level and with identical or different statistics. There will be three types of weapons in Naïca (Swords, Bows and Staffs) while armors won’t have a specific type. No light, intermediate nor heavy armors. Every piece of armor will have different statistics and you’ll have to chose which one you want to wear accordingly to your gamestyle. Classes and Skills In Naïca you won’t have to choose a specific class when you’ll create your character because the system will be adaptive. There will be three different skill trees, one for each type of weapon: Sword, Staff and Bow. Every level you will earn a skill point that will allow you to unlock a new talent: an active skill, a passive skill or a statistic. When you will unlock a talent in a tier, your choices at the next level will be either: learn a talent from the same tier learn a talent from a previous tier learn a talent from the next tier belonging to the same skill tree You will have to choose which talents you’re most interested in! Alignment and Beliefs Some of the quests in Naïca will have an impact on your alignment. You will have to make choices that will be related to Naide or Icaon, the two divinities of Naïca. Once brother and sister, they now fight through the ages and are always looking to increase their power. Your choices during the quests and in open PvP will decide on which side you will stand, so be careful. Professions and Crafting There will be professions in Naïca that will allow players to craft several types of items (weapons, armors, potions, etc…): Leatherworker, Woodworker, Blacksmith and Herbalist. As said in the introduction, this is subject to change and we’ll tell you more about it in a few months. Dungeons and Raids Players will be able to team up to defeat dungeons and raids in Naïca. Several dungeons and raids will be infinitely repeatable while some others will have specific rules of repetition (once a week, once a day…): we’ll tell you more about that in due time. Dungeons are instances with a party of 5 players: you will have to defeat the boss of the dungeon to be rewarded by golds and specific gears. Raids on the other hand, are like dungeons but at a bigger scale. Your party will need to have more than 5 players and you’ll have to complete a list of objectives, including defeating several Bosses. The rewards will also be more important and you’ll get a better gear than in a dungeon. Groups in Naïca will be up to 5 players unless you activate the Raid mode to expand the size of your party. If you are in Raid mode, you will only have access to objectives and locations specifically labelled as Raid. You won't be able to complete quests while being in Raid mode. Trade You’ll be able to activate the Street Vendor mode to allow other players to look at your store. They will be able to purchase your items while you play and the Street Vendor mode won’t work if you are disconnected. Also, one of the discussion channels will be solely dedicated to trade announcements between players. Guilds In Naïca you will be able to create or join a guild. A guild will allow you to play regularly with the same players and interact more easily: there will be a guild channel to discuss between members of the same guild. When you create your guild you will choose : the name of your guild the tag of your guild You will also be able to give ranks to the members of your guild. PvP - Player versus Player Honor, ranked games and leaderboard Winning a game in PvP will make you earn Honor -the money in PvP- allowing you to purchase new items. When you win a ranked game (Arenas only) you will also earn specific points that will make you progress in the leaderboard. Arenas: game modes and ranked games The Arenas will allow players to fight in PvP with a group up to 5 players on a small map. There will be different game modes from deathmatch to objectives oriented. In Arenas, there will be two types of matchmaking: normal games and ranked games. Battlegrounds : game modes Battlegrounds are bigger scaled maps, filled with more players than the Arenas. The maps of the Battlegrounds will be different from those for the Arenas. The game modes will only be objective oriented. There won’t be ranked games in Battlegrounds. Open PvP Some areas in PvE will be open to PvP so you will be able to attack every players: you should be careful while walking through these areas! We will share more informations about open PvP and the impact on the alignment later on. Shop Naïca will be free-to-play and will have an in-game shop: you will be able to buy cosmetics and items to progress faster in the game. The shop in Naïca won’t have items to make you stronger. The closed Alpha of Naïca is due to early 2019. More informations will come in the coming months as the release of the Alpha comes closer. Naïca will be released on PC (Windows, Linux), Mac, Android and iOS (cross-platform).
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    Today we are going to talk about a new system implemented on Naïca: the level scaling. The principle is simple, a creature has a minimum level and a maximum one. Its level will adapt according to the player attacking it, from minimum to maximum. If the player's level is higher than the maximum level of the creature, then that creature will appear at its maximum level. But if the player's level is lower than the creature's minimum level, then it will appear at his minimum level. Otherwise it will appear on the same level as the player. Their difficulty will be the same for two players of different levels because the level is scaling correctly according to the players. The creatures will give loot and experience depending on the level seen by the player. Here is a screenshot that illustrates 3 players of different levels in front of a Pungi with their level being scaled (min 15 - max 20). Level 15 (minimum): sees a Pungi lvl 15 Level 23 (maximum): sees a Pungi lvl 20 Level 19 (range level): sees a Pungi lvl 19 This will primarily allow players to access the same content as other players of different levels and enjoy as much. For the moment the Level Scaling will be set up only on the mini dungeon with a minimum level at 15 and maximum at 23 and then it will be set up in other areas thereafter. Note: Level scaling is not yet available.
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    Trying to put all the five races together in one pic is hard... Beers up, shatter slam.
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    The feature I am most excited for is guilds, without question. It will be a big thing for me so I have some suggestions surrounding guilds and a potential personal Guild Hall. First suggestion: Guild Hall (Guild room) Players will be able to obtain or purchase a personal Guild Hall after the creation of their guild. Having a personal Guild Hall would be amazing! I want to feel as close to the game as possible, so having a home to share with guild mates seems super cool. Guild Halls would be identical to the ones of other guilds at their base or core, just a simple empty room (size undetermined). The Guild-Master, or whatever you may call that position (because you can change it!), will be able to decorate the room by adding furniture or displays, maybe a board showing all the members and their online status. You may be wondering how one may obtain said furniture. This could be fairly simple, they could be crafted with materials found throughout the world. Your guild’s nicely decorated Guild Hall could show you mean business! If Guild Halls were implemented into the game there is no doubt that there would be thousands of them, that is why it may be smart to add a price tag to have one. Plus having a whole bunch of rooms may equal the demand of more servers. Similar to having your own very tiny world. “Servers? What do you mean servers, Jigoku?” Let me explain in my second suggestion. Second suggestion: Guild Hall Directory Because guilds will have their own Guild Hall that means they will be entering another space, not showing the outside world. Every Guild Hall will look exactly the same “naked” but once decorated it will be unique and special. I would want people to see our Guild Hall so I suggest some sort of directory system. The directory would be a menu where players could search guild names and enter their Guild Hall. This allows people to chat with members of the guild or other players that are in that Guild Hall at that given time, like a social space or meeting grounds. Players could get to know the members before applying to join. Guilds may not always want random people to enter their Guild Hall so the Guild Master would have the option to turn the Guild Hall’s entering availability to “private” or “public” (“members only” or “open house”). The Guild Hall Directory could also have a “Featured Guilds” section for guilds moderators or developers find worthy of recognition. The Guild Hall Directory buildings could be found in towns or checkpoints. It could maybe be a building labeled “Guild Hall HQ” or something. Conclusion: I know that was a lot to read but thank you. These features are something I feel everyone will love and I hope you developers take this into consideration, I know it would be a lot of work but you have already shown such resolve. I do not expect this feature to be considered until the full game release. If you have any suggestions or add-ons don’t be shy! Peace, Jigoku
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    i was bored, i know its not something awesome but what do you think?
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    Hello, Currently the gif on the site presents only the first 3 tier to illustrate the learning of spells. There is a total of 1 landing per level and from level 5 there are two other lines that are unblocked (you will see very soon more). Which makes a total of 40 talents available for the Beta version of the game. I hope that you are reassured and that I have answered your question, Regards
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    I hope it looks like nothing before because it's a plumber so maybe someone has already done it, I've spent a few hours there. What do you think ?
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    Sounds neat! Cant wait to create my own guild.
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    100 000 aventureros están listos para adentrarse en el mundo de Naïca! No esperábamos un resultado como este en apenas 10 meses tras la apertura del proyecto y os lo agradecemos sinceramente. Después de algunos meses de trabajo tenemos algunos anuncios que realizar, ¡así que quedemos en Enero para saber de qué se trata! ¡Os vemos dentro de poco en Naïca y Feliz Navidad para todos!
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    Greetings adventurers! Summer is over and now start September: not a particularly enjoyable thought but we've got some news to brighten up your day! Over the past two months we made great progress, especially thanks to our last test which involved some of you. A few other things happened too, which you will learn just below. DONATION LAUNCH In July, we launched the donations for Naïca which grants you exclusive rewards in return. As of today, more than 200 players made a donation and we are extremely thankful to them. Your support really helps us developing Naïca and hasn't gone unnoticed! If you wish to support us PC INTERFACE During summer we started working on the PC interface. For every test, we used the mobile interface (even though we did run some tests on PC in 2018). Minimap is a mandatory feature for MMORPGs on PC. We are currently looking if it would be possible to also add it to the mobile version. No promises yet, since we do not want a crowded user interface on mobile. We will gladly listen to your feedback once you lay hand on the PC version of Naïca! LIGHT AND DARKNESS We are trying something new for the swamp: add a lighting system in the entire area. We are not sure if it will be added to the game because there are still some things to adjust. We implemented lights in the swamp of Lazul and therefore added darkness: it creates a particular atmosphere which totally fits to a swamp! LAST TEST RECAP From June 11 to August 7 we conducted a test exclusively on Android. During this period, over 1300 players participated to the test and 3972 quests were completed! Over the course of the test, we made several changes to the game. First, monsters were way too hard so we reduced their damage and health points. All monsters were aggressive (they attacked players on sight) but we changed that and decided to make almost all of them neutral (they will attack you only if you attack them). You can now walk around the swamp (or even go AFK) without fearing of being attacked by a horde of bloodthirsty leeches! The dungeon was the most tricky part and in the end we decided to reduce its complexity a bit. At first, the dungeon had 3 rooms: 2 normal rooms and a boss room (Pupuce). By playing with other players we noticed it was a bit uneasy for new players to complete it, forcing some of them to just give up. Knowing we will add an option to increase the difficulty of the dungeon, we decided to remove the 2nd room. Now, it is easier for new players to try the dungeon and complete it. On the other hand, if you love challenges and wish to sweat blood and tears you could increase the difficulty by setting it to Elite 1. The dungeon will have 3 rooms (instead of 2 in Elite 0) and you will be matched against stronger monsters. The Elite feature won't be available at the launch of the closed Alpha but we aim to release it later on. This last test was extremely helpful to us in order to complete the development of Naïca's closed Alpha and we are excited to show you the game very soon! We will see you soon, Team Naïca
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    Hey everyone! With the Closed Alpha release we almost forgot to keep this thread up to date! But have no fear! Here are some screenshots of the Cerulean Forest we are actually working on! Here you can see the Lumberjack's house who is the first NPC you will encounter at the entrance of the Cerulean Forest! As you may know, Naïca is home to the cults of Naïde and Icaon and here is a shrine of the latter one. You will discover these shrines all across Lazul waiting for you to find them! The landscape will also be quite different and more diverse than the swamp are. New area of course means new camp! Here is a glimpse of what the camps of the Cerulean forest might look like... On the left you can see the statue of one Lazul's legendary heroes. You will find few of them along the way! All these screenshots are still Work In Progress as the Cerulean Forest is a much wider area than the Swamp and we still need some time to refine it! That's it for today, we are still busy fixing and designing the game at the same time but we will keep you up to dat with the devellopment of the game in the coming months! Thanks again for your support and I hope to see you all soon in Naïca!
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    Hello everyone, it's been a while! Since the last post, a lot of things happened for Naïca and this is mainly due to the preparation of our big test phase prior to the closed Alpha. We launched it this week with a few selected players in order to have direct feedback, and fix most of the servers issues & bugs. The best news out of this is it's working better than expected. Our previous tests lasted only for a few hours (2-3h) and this is the first time we have had servers open 24/7. We experienced some crashes & bugs but we are fixing them along the way: for example, monsters didn't work correctly (they had only 1 attack instead of 2) and you couldn't get into the arena nor into the dungeon. This works totally fine now, don't worry! But, we kinda forgot to put Pupuce, the dungeon boss, level 7 so she was level 1 for the first teams going in the dungeon... And they couldn't loot her but this is going to be fixed today so no biggie. Great news for everyone right? In the coming weeks there will be a lot of fixing, patching, and we will be adding new features to ease the gameplay for players (but not making the game itself easier, just easier to play & to understand). This way, we'll have a great closed Alpha to show you all guys! We hope you'll like this longer post which embraces an important step for us before the launch of the closed Alpha, still planned for the coming months!
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    So, I saw this images that Sol posted: And it is the forest of Lazul, and there is some rivers in it. I know it is just some sketches, but I think it would be neat to have rivers, and having means of transportation trough it. No need for fancy stuff, if need to throw a log or something into the water to float up, and it gets used every time, it would still be neat. Of course, not expecting to have this straight out on the launch of the game. But please consider this.
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    Después de decenas de tests PvP desde Junio de 2018, hicimos nuestras primeras pruebas PvE el 25 de Enero. Los jugadores se unieron a nosotros durante las pruebas, entraron en la mazmorra de los pantanos, y fueron derrotados por los brutales monstruos que ahí habitan. Un poco demasiado brutal, si lo hemos entendido correctamente. Gracias por vuestras opiniones. Hemos encontrado diversos problemas en los cuales estamos trabajando en estos momentos para poder arreglarlos. Captura de pantalla tomada por Vinicin Cosas que están casi arregladas: poder base de los monstruos, problemas de FPS en los móviles (10 FPS habiendo muchos jugadores en pantalla) y pérdidas de progreso (básicamente, ser transportado unos metros hacia atrás mientras se está moviendo). Intentaremos que esté todo esto arreglado para la fecha de las siguientes pruebas. También estamos investigando otros problemas tales como "He sido empujado por una seta y ahora no me puedo mover". Para este caso, el problema no parece estar relacionado solo con las setas, así que seguiremos investigando el problema (básicamente no está relacionado con el entorno). Captura de pantalla tomada por penderix Algunos de vosotros sacaron un fondo de pantalla azul dentro del juego intentando entrar en la mazmorra. Esto pasa cada vez menos y menos y es causado cuando el dispositivo trata de cargar el mismo mapa 2 veces: primero con todos los elementos, entonces los borra, entonces carga los elementos del primer mapa, los cuales ya no existen. Es por eso que ocurre este problema, el cual dejará de ocurrir dentro de poco. Captura de pantalla tomada por Aki Unas cuantas cosas funcionaron bastante bien, las cuales no son necesariamente obvias: el sistema de mazmorras funcionaba como habíamos planeado, los jugadores no eran separados del resto del equipo al entrar y la versión de PC era más estable que antes. Apreciamos esta victoria del lado del equipo técnico.. De momento seguimos trabajando en los jefes, y es por eso que no estaban presentes en la primera sesión de pruebas de PvE. Preferimos asegurarnos que la base de la mazmorra funciona correctamente antes de trabajar en otra cosa: sería una lástima que los jugadores fueran aniquilados una y otra vez antes de que fueran capaces de alcanzar la sala del jefe o porque no son capaces de encontrar a los compañeros del grupo.. Esto nos lleva a hacer otra cosa, la cual estamos desarrollando: hacer que Naïca sea más sencillo de usar y más fácil de comprender para todos. Desarrolladores un sistema de "Buscando grupo" para poder ayudar a los jugadores (y a nosotros) a formar un grupo para mazmorras y para el resto de cosas que los MMORPGs ofrecen. Estamos creando una herramienta que permitirá a los jugadores interactuar de forma más cómoda con los personajes y con los objetos que se pueden recoger (más orientado para el móvil por el momento). El nivel de los monstruos y sus puntos de salud serán visibles también. También estamos considerando la opción de mostrar/ocultar tanto el nivel como la salud de otros jugadores si no están en vuestro grupo (ocultar nombres puede ser una opción también). Otras cosas que tenemos en mente: queremos mejorar la cantidad de jugadores que nuestros servidores pueden soportar. Por el momento es un poco complicado ya que hay muchos jugadores en la misma zona restringida. Cuanto más grande es el mapa, más fácil para nuestros servidores es. Así que si podemos mantener a miles de jugadores en un mapa pequeño, podremos intentar algo todavía más grande. Otra cosa relacionada con las mazmorras es que tenemos pensado añadir diferentes modos de dificultad: ¡de esta manera, hacer que los enemigos te derroten o no será tu elección! Esperamos que esto responda algunas de vuestras preguntas, ¡planteadas o no! Si os gustaría participar en las pruebas Pre-Alpha, asegúrense de unirse a nuestro Discord y estar atentos del canal de noticias. Todo está explicado en Discord y todo ocurre allí. Por supuesto, asegúrense de leer tanto el FAQ como las normas al entrar. ¡Os vemos dentro de poco en Naïca!
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    I was looking at Lazul gif and thought came to me. Was pre-alpha test on Lazul?? If i remember correctly you said that level on which we played (swamps) is suppose to be higher level place. So is that map just for pve-test or is it going to be in alpha?? And if my theory is correct this down here is swamps in which we played on last test. Swamp dungeon was quite large and if this picture is up to scale, Lazul is at least 3 times bigger! That means that there is a lot of work for designers and i predict that closed alpha release date will be delayed till late 2019.Maybe im wrong, a i hope i am couse this game has a lot of potential and i cant wait to play more of it.
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    Alguns de vocês devem ter algumas perguntas sobro o sistema de ranks nas Guildas, então aqui estão algumas respostas que podem te ajudar (sujeito à mudanças): - Serão 3 tipos de grupos, cada um com seus direitos: Lider da Guilda, Oficiais, Membros. - *NÃO DISPONÍVEL AINDA: Vocês poderão renomear cada um deles como quiser (exemplo: Lider da Guilda -> Rei). Vocês poderão também criar diferentes ranks para o mesmo grupo (exemplo: Oficiais -> Guerreiros, Barões, Lordes). - Como Lider da Guilda, você consiguirá convidar outros jogadores para a guilda, remover Membros e Oficiais, promover Membros para Oficiais (*NÃO DISPONÍVEL AINDA: e renomear/criar novos ranks em cada grupo). - Como Oficial, você consiguirá convidar outros jogadores e remover Membros de sua Guilda. - Como Membro, você não terá nenhum dos direitos descritos acima. Vemos você em breve em Naïca!
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    Bueno, en Wow era así, y sin embargo los que pagaban seguían teniendo ventaja.
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    Olá pessoal, seja bem-vindo nos fóruns do Naicaonline.com! Aqui você pode escrever tópicos, fazer perguntas e compartilhar suas idéias com outros jogadores e com a equipe Naïca. Mais sub-fóruns serão adicionados assim que o Alpha for lançado (lançamento estimado no início de 2019). Nossos antigos DevBlogs estão de volta online e acabamos de publicar um novo artigo explicando vários tópicos de Naïca (Alinhamento, Artesanato, Masmorras & Raides, Comércio, Guildas, PvP ...). Os antigos DevBlogs não são traduzidos e estão disponíveis apenas em inglês. Por favor, leia as regras antes de postar qualquer coisa e verifique a lista de Moderadores se você desejar contatá-los. Vejo você no Naïca! Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube Discord
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