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    Hey! I made a fanart of my future Vulpian sword(wo)man you like it?
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    Hi there! As we all know, there were some indication missing during the PvE test, we initially planned to include these littles indications later but it seems like it's way more urgent then we expected. So this week I worked a bit with Tibo, to create those indications in game. Here is a sneak peek of this system : : This is still raw, we have a lot of modification to add to this, but so far, the core mechanic is working pretty well That's it for today! See you soon!
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    Watch us live for our first DevStream on friday 18 at 7:00pm CET! Live : twitch.tv/naicaonline We'll speak english with our lovely french accent and we have some surprises in store for you... See you on friday!
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    @ZeddOTak Nice to hear about the Auto-looting plans! As i said i am not a fan of Auto-looting without putting in some RPG elements into it, it feels weird that some invisible thing is picking up all the loot around you. But the loot all feature on the other hand will reduce the looting time while not throwing away the Looting completely. I like that. At the end everyone is going to have an opinion and that's mine.
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    Hey Jigoku! That's a great idea and we had something like that in mind! We'll definitely look into making regular events like that to make players come back on Naïca on a regular basis. That's a very good feature and we really like this idea: we'll probably see it in a few months!
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    Hi @Push, This is a very good question and we thought about it a lot. In Naïca all the maps will be instantiated to accommodate a maximum of player, nevertheless we will try to gather as much as possible the players by language. So, the more players connected in the same zone, the more they will be grouped by language. This approach allows us to not totally separate the players and allow them to regroup with whom they want. Bes Regards
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    Hi everyone, welcome on the forums of Naicaonline.com! Here you can write topics, ask questions and share your ideas with other players and with the Naïca Team. More sub-forums will be added once the Alpha is out (estimated release early 2019). Our old DevBlogs are back online and we just published a new article explaining several topics of Naïca (Alignment, Craft, Dungeons & Raids, Trade, Guilds, PvP...). The old DevBlogs are not translated and are only available in english. For other languages than english (FR, ES, PT), check at the bottom of the home page. French forum Spanish forum Portuguese forum Please read the rules before posting anything and check the list of Moderators if you wish to contact them. See you on Naïca! Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube Discord
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    Can’t wait to see everyone in Lazul!
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    I am 100% happy with that. I don’t want you guys to feel too overwhelmed. Thanks for the update.
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    What's up everyone, I have always found it tough to jump into a game (especially MMO) that I have never played before and have fun with friends who are on a whole other level. I propose the idea of adding a "Mentor-ship Quest" where players above a certain level can mentor one other player below a certain level. When I say mentor I mean go through missions that the quest offers. The purpose is to get that new player up and running rather then having to figure everything out on their own and progress very slowly. The missions could be simple like showing the new player locations in the world or crafting their first sword, maybe even completing a dungeon. The possibilities are endless. I know there are a lot of rough edges so give me some suggestions I could add to this idea. I honestly just want as many people as possible to like the game rather than get discouraged when they have a hard time progressing at the start. Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion, Jigoku
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    Me too. I figured they were asking for the twigs, so I got all 7 and the box turned into a check. Turning in the quest was a little funky but overall I'm pretty sure it worked. Stamina as in running, right? I felt like my stamina was really high, I don't think I ever really ran out (I didn't run for too long though, maybe a 4-5 seconds max). Sprinting was a little weird though and sometimes it bugged out and teleported me back. I couldn't figure out if you had to press and hold shift, or just press shift once. Whenever I tried to stop running it was also a little slow, or took a little to register that I had stopped trying to sprint. Was there a hotkey to instantly target the closest enemy/friend? When I was first starting to fight, I tried pressing E and it seemed to work and target the closest enemy, but then it stopped doing anything and I'm not sure what happened. Being a melee attacker was a little difficult, like clicking the enemies. As for the skill hotkeys, the order seemed off. The topmost right skill seemed to be triggered by pressing 1, but then the one to the left of it was triggered by pressing 4. I think a little clarification/description would be helpful too, maybe like being able to hover over it and it'll give a number/etc. I also really agree with the idea that enemies should instead gain health slowly, instead of instantly resetting. It was impossible to solo the mushrooms because of the knockback. Thanks for running the test though! It was fun to experience the game first hand, and I can't wait until it's released. Looking good so far!
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    Hello, Delighted to answer your question, for the rewards of the players who play on the alpha and different tests we will reward them although we do not know the exact reward yet. But rest assured, we keep in list all participating players. Regards
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    Those questions can't be answered right now, and I'm almost sure that these stuff will be posted in DevBlogs.
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    Naïca todavía no tiene fecha de lanzamiento pero planeamos lanzar la Alpha a principios de 2019!
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    ¿te vas a gastar cualsea que sea la moneda del juego en mejorar una daga de madera(el arma principal en los test) en lugar de reemplazarla por una mejor a medida que subes de nivel? :v
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    I definitely love the idea of ranked quests But I think it would be usefull only at the level max, because before that, there is already the "rank" with the level of the quest
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    ¿Que visiones tienen del juego hasta el momento?¿En que creen que deberían mejorar? Yo por mi parte , creo que la Alpha tendrá lo justo y necesario , sin embargo lo suficiente para divertir un buen rato. Y donde tendremos que reportar cualquier tipo de error de programación y sugerir ideas. Lo bueno es que aparentemente el juego no tendrá publicidad (En android) ni será p2w , según comentarios de Instagram.
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    I think i'm Over 9000
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    Yes we know about that, the feature will be fully available later on!
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    Yep, but it should be kept in mind that game experience should be comfortable on each platform ) Don't like come only with problems... but unfortunately i'm not a game designer to suggest something cool. Just my observations and feelings about game experience
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    Fishing in Naica, I love it! It really add's to its already open world RPG style feeling. You could also add some day and night time features to it! It gives you some freedom when you are taking a break from all the grinding and questing.
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    Although I am not 100% certain, I'm pretty sure the Closed-Alpha will be released for PC and Android. iOS should be in the works from what I understand.
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    Let's go boys, I'm hyped for the release
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    It's very cool, congratulations!
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    SPECIAL TRANSFORMATIONS Hi guys, I'm Bibilo and th is is an idea that i´ve been thinking about (no copy of another game, maybe one that I don't know about). This is a Detailed guide of the Special transformation system, my idea. First of all, I know Naïca is not about choosing a class (mage, swordman, Archer), but what SPECIALISTS is about, is that you can be powerful and improve the weapon you like the most, so let me explain you and it's going to make sense. 1. What is it? : I call it ST (Special Tansformation), ST are a type of transformation that can help in Pvp and Pve, it could be a weapon transformation, a custome transformation or a Pure Soul, it's best to choose only one modality to be implemented in the game, but they all can be implemented at the same time and make them work together. 1.a. Weapon transformation = I call this one WI (Weapon Improvement), this one makes your weapon look different and be more powerful, WI makes stats of your weapon increase, and gives you a special skill which is more powerful than the other skills you already have, if you use the skill then you have to wait a determined time until the skill is able again, for example: If you get a WI, and you use it then your weapon image will change immediately, your weapon stats will increase immediately and the and the number of st ats that your weapon increases depends on the level of reinforcement of the transformation, you will find an explanation about reinforcement later. 1.b. Custome transformation = I call this one CI (Custome Improvement), this one makes your custome look different and much more cool, CI makes your overall stats increase (hp/damage, etc.) that kind of stats. CI gives you a special attack, if you use the special attack then you have a determined time until the skill is able again, for example: If you get a CI and you use it, your bodi image will change immediately and your overall stats will increase inmediately, the number of stats that will increase depends on the level of reinforcement of the transformation. 1.c. Pure Soul = I call this one PS (Pure Soul), this one makes your bodi look different, PS gives you the power to summon a special invocation that will helps you in a determined time, the invocation will have its own stats, for example: If you get a PS you can summon a type of creature (the type of creature depends on the PS you get), when you summon the creature you have a time to use it, when the time finish you have to wait a determinated time until you can summon the creature again. The stats of the creature depends on the reinforcement of the PS. 2. Reinforcement System : The reinforcement system works as follows, If you have a SPECIAL TRANSFORMATION (ST) and you want to reinforce it you will need some ingredients (undetermined) and the reinforce of the transformation goes from +0 to +10 and the level of the reinforcement will determined the kind of ingredients you need. It will need a NPC that is in charge of the reinforcement of SPECIAL TRANSFORMATION (ST) , that NPC allows you to reinforce your ST and will ask you for the necessary ingredients to do it. The reinforcement can be a succer or it can fail, if it fail then there's a possibility of breaking. There's no limit in the reinforcement attemps, but once your ST is +10 you can't continue reinforce it. 2.a. Probability of succes, fail and breaking. From +0 to +1 and +2 there's 100% probability of succes, 0% fail and 0% breaking. From +2 to +3 there's 90% probability of succes, 8% probability of fail and 2% probability of breaking. From +3 to +4 there's 80% probability of succes, 15% probability of fail and 5% probability of breaking. From +5 to +6 there's 70% probability of succes, 20% probability of fail and 10% probability of breaking. From +6 to +7 there's 60% probability of succes, 25% probability of fail and 15% probability of breaking. From +7 to +8 there's 50% probability of succes, 30% probability of fail and 20% probability of breaking. From +8 to +9 there's 25% probability of succes, 50% probability of fail and 25% probability of breaking. From +0 to +10 there's a 5% probability of succes, 70% probability of fail and 25% probability of breaking. 2.b. -How can you prevent your Special Transformation (ST) from breaking? : There will be an amulet that you can buy or create (undetermined) from some ingredients (undeterminated), this amulet protects your ST from breaking while trying to reinforce, the amule has 3 uses before disappearing, you can use only one amulet at a time, but if one amulet disapeared then you can use another. -But, what happen with the % of probability of breaking?, if you use an amulet the probability of breaking becomes a probability of failure. The probability of success is not affected because it will remain the same even if you use or not an amulet. -Why'd they put probability of breaking if there will be a protective amulet?, because this make the reinforce and all the ST system much more harder and interesting, which makes the game much more funny. 3. How can you get a SPECIAL TRANSFORMATION (ST)?, Well this have to be determined by the developers of Naïca but i can provide some ideas: 3.b. There will be a NPC which gives you the necessary quest to get your ST, you will have to complete some quest: --Firs Part of the quest: Beat some monsters (undetermined), go to some maps (undetermined), create something (undetermined), speak with someone (undetermined), etc. --Second part of the quest: The NPC ask you for a boss soul (undetermined name), this boss is going to be in the final level of a dungeon. There will be a dungeon, which is goint to be able only for those player that reach high level (undetermined), this is going to be a hard dungeon where you have to fight monsters, bosses, etc. the dungeon have 5 levels: Dungeon's level 1: Monsters, quest. Dungeon's level 2: Monsters, mini boss, quest. Dungeon's level 3: Monsters, mini boss, quest. Dungeon's level 4: Monsters, mini boss, NPC which is going to ask for some materials that you can get out of the dungeon in the map, with the materials you have to create a divine bow which is necessary to beat the boss (remember, high level dungeon will need high level materials from high level monsters or quests). Dungeon's level 5: Monsters, Time, Boss. (Boss will drop the soul) -- Third part of the quest: go back with the NPC in charge of the quest and give the soul and finally you will get your ST! 4. Will the Special Transformations be able to be exchanged between players?, Yes, but to exchange your ST you will need a special box, which is going to be able to buy in the game store or by building it (undetermined). 5. How do i know if i can use a Special Transformation (ST)?, There will be some restriction to use them, like a minimun of level or something like that (undetermined). 6. Will ST make me stronger than other players?, Yes, but that´s why you will need high level to get the quest and to get it. 7. Why´d they implement Special Transformations (ST) in the game?, because is a new game that is going to need new ideas to grow up, to become much more harder, interesting and funny. So i think this could be a great system to implement in the game, i don't mean immediately but they could see the idea and see the pontential this system has. *I did this idea of this system without knowing, type of monsters, levels, dungeons, maps, NPC, characters, characters stats, weapons, custome, armors, pets, summon system, Pvp or Pve system, so i hope i didn't go too far XD* *I will update this idea of this system if i have new ideas*. * FROM Bibilo TO NAÏCA PLAYERS AND DEVELOPERS, WITH AFFECT I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE MY IDEA, AND THANKS FOR YOUR TIME*
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    I know theres plenty of time to go before release, but I have an idea about color customization. Maybe there could be certain color palettes for people who donated before release to use on gear and characters. I could also see it being really cool if certain events/achievements gave you the option to pick between maybe 2 or 3 colors with the choice being irreversible. It could give players a chance to be different and know that not every color would be available to them so they'd have to pick wisely. Maybe even in app purchases of certain colors for an income boost. (Excluding event/achievement based colors) I tried to find similar topics about this, but I'm not sure if this has been discussed before. Theres tons of opportunity for character and gear customization that I thought I'd at least post this before I forgot about it. Lemme know your thoughts!
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    Hola, buenas noches. Mi sugerencia consta en la posibilidad de adquirir terrenos en algunas partes del universo de Naïca. Me gustaría añadir más detalles, pero aún falta ver mucho de cómo se desarrolle el juego una vez salido. Pero sería una gran idea tener, tal vez, tu propia parcela o algo por el estilo. Y en caso de que se agregasen Guilds o Gremios, que estos puedan apropiarse de tierras también. ¡Muchas gracias! Estoy ansioso por jugar.
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    Pre alpha tests were on PC and Android and closed-alpha will also be on PC and Android. Iphone and Mac will come alter after game is stable on 2 original platforms. I hope i helped. -Petko
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    Game devs go for full customization of your character but drawing on shields is less likely to be implemented since even guild won't probably be in closed-alpha. Also killing NPCs is just bad and there is no way game devs are going to do that. -Petko
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    Too soon to tell exactly how the in-game Shop will look like but it will most likely be cosmetics & utilities.
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    I agree this is really cool idea but idea of the same item having different stats will be in the game. E.g. you can have 2 wooden swords: 1st one has +10 attack and other one +15 attack. I think its great idea but i don't think it will be possible to do it for alpha maybe even for beta. I dont think Alignment as you call it wont be implemented until full release since there is a lot of work on that ( both on programming part and on story writing). I hope my comment helped Petko
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    Agradeço á todos desenvolvedores e jogadores que nos ajudaram a levar o jogo onde está hoje, está incrivel! Precisa de alguns ajustes é claro mas todo jogo é assim.
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    Thabk you very much! I'm glad to see that you're very active administrators and care a lot about what people thinks. Well I'm impatient to see when the game comes out, greetings, Lauti "Thoradin".
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    Saludos!! Me gustaría saber si tu personaje cambia de apariencia al cambiar de arma o armadura. No es algo tan importante. Pero si alguien se esfuerza por mejorar su equipo debería hacerse notar. Saludos
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    Certamente seria bem interessante, além de permitir uma maior liberdade em relação à construção do personagem.
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    Palabras de Hellmund Sugerimos Android 6.0 en adelante.
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    Claro , puede ser. Estaría bien que los humanos sean una raza Intermedia entre habilidades!
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    Estaría bien que respondan esas dudas , ayudaría a muchos usuarios
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    here's how to create an injustice based on a social character
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    Hi ! There is a whole spanish community waiting for you follow the link : https://forums.naicaonline.com/forum/75-español/
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    If it's not in rules, I see no reason why you couldn't.
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    Nunca jugue wow tengo una cuenta de hace 7 años solo lo juge un ratito asik me imagino q deve ser asiii como dices solo digo q no sea pay to win ovio que tengas cierta ventajita al pagar pero seria mas de pociones revivir y una que otra armadura pero de armas nop que opinan?
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    A good idea tho, crystals have a fantastic look that I appreciate a lot héhé
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    Over there https://naicaonline.com/en/#races
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    Bonjour à tous et bienvenue sur les forums de Naicaonline.com ! Ici vous pourrez écrire des topics, posez vos questions et partager vos idées avec les autres joueurs et l'équipe de Naïca. Des sub-forums supplémentaires seront ajoutés une fois que l'Alpha sera disponible (date de sortie estimée : début 2019). Nos anciens DevBlogs sont désormais de nouveau disponibles et nous venons de publier un nouvel article détaillant plusieurs points de Naïca (Alignement, Artisanat, Donjons & Raids, Commerce, Guildes, PvP...). Les anciens DevBlogs ne sont pas traduits et sont disponibles uniquement en anglais. Merci de lire les règles avant de poster quoi que ce soit, et jetez un œil à la liste des Modérateurs si vous souhaitez les contacter. A bientôt sur Naïca ! Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube Discord
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