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    Here I talk about some things that would greatly improve gameplay. First I will comment on some things that I thought straight away. - A key to zoom in / out on the map (I suggest the +/- keys by default); - Mouse Scroll also to zoom in / out on map; - Key to interact with NPCs / scattered items (I suggest F or G by default); - R-Click mouse on floor to move; - Double L-Click mouse on enemies to attack with first skill (assuming first skill is basic attack). These are some of the key things that would make the gameplay much more fluid and friendly, without requiring players to keep switching between mouse and keyboard at all times, which is quite unnecessary and stressfull. These are the only ideas that came to mind for now. I believe that in the course of alpha I may have some more suggestions regarding this.
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    Every race can have some sort of small bonus (passive spell), which isn't making them OP, but can help players choose. Vulpians - Faster movement Denelites - idk 'xdd Ophimanders - Faster regeneration Cerbalis - More health Azralians - Better stealth /harder getting caught/ (pickpocketing or lockpicking too if you're planning on adding some of them) Or just a special spell for every of them.
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    i agree, also the cost to repair your items early-game is quite costly too imo
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    Yes that's exactly the kind of things we want to avoid. Naïca's motto is "Your character, your choices" so if we force players into choosing a type of race for a specific type of build, it's not exactly that anymore. It is uneasy to do, but we will find a way!
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