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    Hello everyone! As some of you may know, we ended our last test on August 7 which was exclusively on Android: so after almost 2 months of testing, what's to say? During this period, over 1300 players participated to the test, 3972 quests were completed and 4 players reached level 10: congratulations @Reeser, @DilBert, @TORRES and @Lismo! Everyone started in the Dank camp, and so will you once the closed Alpha is out. This will be your home in Naïca for the closed Alpha. Over the course of the test, we made several changes to the game. First, monsters were way too hard (yes, again...) so we reduced their damage and health points a bit. All monsters were aggressive (a.k.a. they attacked players on sight) and we decided to let only a handful of monsters that way. You can now walk around the swamp (or even go AFK) without the fear of being attacked by dozens of monsters. This is exactly how it felt like for players (and for us too). The dungeon was the most tricky part but in the end we decided to relieve the complexity a bit. At first the dungeon has 3 rooms: 2 normal rooms and the boss room (Pupuce). By playing with other players we noticed it was a bit uneasy for new players to complete it and sometimes they would just give up. Because we already know we will add an option to increase the difficulty of the dungeon, we removed the 2nd room. For players who just want to do the dungeon to get a taste of this feature and see what it's like, they won't have this fear of getting bored, killed again and again or won't even try it because it's too long. Pupuce, the boss of the dungeon (Credits: @Skēto). On the other hand, the players who love challenges and wish to sweat blood and tears could increase the difficulty by setting the dungeon in Elite 1 and see how it goes with stronger monsters and 3 rooms instead of 2 in Elite 0. The Elite feature won't be available at the launch of the closed Alpha but it is something we aim to release later on. We are extremely happy about the test and players feedback. It is heartwarming and we are excited to show you the game in a few months! Also we learnt that walking around and discovering the area was the second favorite things for players: you will definitely have to walk a lot when you will be looking for these crystal pages... Thank you again for your support and your feedback: our next step is the closed Alpha which will launch in the next months!
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