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    Hello everyone! As you may have seen in our newsletter a few weeks back, we are working on the UI for PC. As you can see, many things have change but it works in the same way. You will find your 5 differents actions, your items bar and we added a minimap to improve your adventure in Naïca. Minimap is a mandatory feature for MMORPGs on PC and we are looking if we can add it to the mobile version. Nothing sure for now, since we do not want to have too much information on your User Interface and we do not know if it's extremely useful on mobile. While developing it, we have had some issues with the drag and drop for short cuts menus but it's now resolved (thank you devs). In fact, in PC, you will be able to customize your short cuts bar to optimize your gaming experience. We will gladly listen to your feedback once you lay hand on the PC version of Naïca! WIP - User Interface of Naïca on PC
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    Hello everyone, it's been a while! Since the last post, a lot of things happened for Naïca and this is mainly due to the preparation of our big test phase prior to the closed Alpha. We launched it this week with a few selected players in order to have direct feedback, and fix most of the servers issues & bugs. The best news out of this is it's working better than expected. Our previous tests lasted only for a few hours (2-3h) and this is the first time we have had servers open 24/7. We experienced some crashes & bugs but we are fixing them along the way: for example, monsters didn't work correctly (they had only 1 attack instead of 2) and you couldn't get into the arena nor into the dungeon. This works totally fine now, don't worry! But, we kinda forgot to put Pupuce, the dungeon boss, level 7 so she was level 1 for the first teams going in the dungeon... And they couldn't loot her but this is going to be fixed today so no biggie. Great news for everyone right? In the coming weeks there will be a lot of fixing, patching, and we will be adding new features to ease the gameplay for players (but not making the game itself easier, just easier to play & to understand). This way, we'll have a great closed Alpha to show you all guys! We hope you'll like this longer post which embraces an important step for us before the launch of the closed Alpha, still planned for the coming months!
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