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    Hey there! We're busy setting everything up for the next test but I thought I'd share a little something with you! I just recently added a new fog animation on the map. It is still a work in progress so it might not be the final design. The first one you can see is at the very beginning of the map we set for the test. The second one is located at the edge, leading to the real troubles awaiting you in the future test!
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    Hey everyone ! I've been doing some research sketches for the forest of Lazul these last few days ! Here are two drawings regarding this area !
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    It would be helpful if we have monster book ( something like pokedex) on NaicaOnline website. So we can have story, stats and other things about monsters. You can even place teasers for some monsters. Lets say for some new boss you just give us a name and a little bit of backstory and until that boss is defeated we wont know rest about him. Also nicknames of those players who killed it first could be written in that book.
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    Me too. I figured they were asking for the twigs, so I got all 7 and the box turned into a check. Turning in the quest was a little funky but overall I'm pretty sure it worked. Stamina as in running, right? I felt like my stamina was really high, I don't think I ever really ran out (I didn't run for too long though, maybe a 4-5 seconds max). Sprinting was a little weird though and sometimes it bugged out and teleported me back. I couldn't figure out if you had to press and hold shift, or just press shift once. Whenever I tried to stop running it was also a little slow, or took a little to register that I had stopped trying to sprint. Was there a hotkey to instantly target the closest enemy/friend? When I was first starting to fight, I tried pressing E and it seemed to work and target the closest enemy, but then it stopped doing anything and I'm not sure what happened. Being a melee attacker was a little difficult, like clicking the enemies. As for the skill hotkeys, the order seemed off. The topmost right skill seemed to be triggered by pressing 1, but then the one to the left of it was triggered by pressing 4. I think a little clarification/description would be helpful too, maybe like being able to hover over it and it'll give a number/etc. I also really agree with the idea that enemies should instead gain health slowly, instead of instantly resetting. It was impossible to solo the mushrooms because of the knockback. Thanks for running the test though! It was fun to experience the game first hand, and I can't wait until it's released. Looking good so far!
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    I believe u had to find 7 potions and boots because these are the one of the little obtainable items. The other thing u may get is probably from the boss. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Where to start? Hmmmmmm...? A yeeees... MUSHROOMS those little things are sooo tough and fast. Like mushroom can outrun fox? Please nerf monsters or buff us. If you exit monsters range they regain all their health instantly. So Mushrooms have knock back that can kick you out of the "fighting zone" and regain all hp. I think its better for monsters to slowly regain health. Also because of that "fight zone" little mushrooms cant be solo killed. If you try to kill one form distance you wont be able to deal enough dmg to them so they will just run to you and explode or they wont get provoked at all couse you are out of fight zone and you are not dealing dmg. Slugs have life steal but not normal one they take some of your hp but they regenerate all of their. My suggestion is for slugs to gain as much as they take. We had invisible walls on some bridges. Bugs or you are hiding something from us Only thing we could pick up was 19_scragle (aka. twigs) and loot. Stamina please increase it or lower cost of use or speed up regeneration. PLEASE. Its so boring when you have to stop and wait to regain stamina. And in places with a lot of so fast monsters its hard to fight with that low stamina. Increase joystick on phones or add option to increase it. Its too small my thumb hurts only after 30 min of playing. I dont know of other people but i had a respawn bug in that place afther bridges and fog (dungeon?). When i died i respawned in the same place and not at the entrance. Also i had bug in quest it said at bottom: "Bring: 0/7□" i think that twigs is missing. Please for next test add descriptions for skills i picked random ones and 3 of them could not be used so i guess they are passive but i didnt know what they do. For active you can figure out what they do by clicking on them but still description would help. A lot of times people were invisible and only shadows under them were visible. But at the end i had fun cant wait for next test and for alpha ( i think alpha wont be soon couse there is a lot more work for it but ill wait ). Love for Naica and support for developers. See ya
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    Use este tópico para comentar tudo o que você quiser sobre o teste PvE! O primeiro é hoje à noite, mas mais testes PvE serão planejados antes do lançamento do Alpha fechado. Se você deseja reportar bugs, use os canais correspondentes no Discord. Divirta-se aventureiro!
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