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    Greetings adventurer! Following our internal tests and the numerous feedbacks from players, we decided to completely change the Cerulean Forest! We are going to detail you the important changes, to what we are adding a pinch of novelties: a tutorial and the daily quests! THE NEW FOREST To ease the progression, we deleted the sprawling aspect of the Cerulean Forest, which caused a lot of players to feel lost, us included. Now, the path to follow is much easier and when you enter the zone for the first time, you appear now in the east of the forest. Lots of quests called "links" have been added and allow you to be guided through the different gatherings of characters. To give you an idea of the changes in the forest, here are two comparative images: Old forest New forest Quests and monsters levels have been edited accordingly for the new Cerulean Forest, and we are eager to get your first feedbacks about this big change! A TUTORIAL TO GUIDE THEM ALL Following the multiple requests from players we have decided to accelerate the coming of the tutorial in Naïca, and it is now available to all new players! If you already have a character, speak to Carboner to be teleported in the tutorial area to do it (or do it again). DAILY QUESTS We have added the daily quests in Naïca! Daily quests are taken from the pool of regular quests already available in game: once you have done a quest (flagged as daily on our side), it's added to the pool of daily quests you can have. This is the first version of the daily quests, which is bound to evolve. We listen to all type of opinions! If you missed them, you can find all of our previous announcements here. Support us and get rewards See you in game! Team Naïca
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    Differences within categories: This idea is based on a factor that differentiates one weapon from another within the same category (Swords,Bows,Orbs) Different characteristics that differentiate them such as the attack speed and the basic damage enhancer of the weapon, as well as special uses in certain equipment. Examples: Taking stats as a powered base depending on the weapon. Wide Sword has: 35% Attack speed / 88% Damage power Cheese Sword has: 67% Attack speed / 35% Damage power Depending on what bow is, it'll have a counter effect. (Including different attack speed) > Extra damage against flying enemies > Piercing arrows And those are just a few examples.
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    ¡Saludos, aventurero! Siguiendo los resultados de las pruebas internas realizadas y los comentarios de los jugadores, ¡hemos decidido aplicar cambios masivos en el Bosque Cerulean! Vamos a detallar a continuación todos los cambios principales junto con las nuevas adiciones: ¡Un tutorial y las misiones diarias! EL NUEVO BOSQUE Para facilitar el progreso, hemos reducido la extensión del bosque, ya que provocaba que jugadores (y desarrolladores) se perdieran en él. Ahora, el camino a seguir es mucho más sencillo y al entrar por primera vez, los jugadores aparecerán en la zona este del bosque. Muchas misiones llamadas "enlaces" han sido añadidas y permitirán a los jugadores ser guiados a través de los diferentes grupos de NPCs del bosque. Para daros una idea los cambios en el bosque, aquí hay una comparativa: Bosque viejo Bosque nuevo Las misiones y los niveles de los monstruos han sido editados acorde al nuevo Bosque Cerulean, ¡y estamos emocionados por saber las opiniones de los jugadores al descubrir estos cambios! UN TUTORIAL PARA GUIARLOS A TODOS Siguiendo las múltiples peticiones de los jugadores, hemos decidido implementar con antelación el tutorial de Naïca, ¡y ya está disponible para todos los jugadores nuevos! Si ya tenéis un personaje en el juego, podréis hablar con Carboner para ser teletransportados a la zona del tutorial para hacerlo (o para repetirlo). MISIONES DIARIAS ¡Hemos añadido las misiones diarias en Naïca! Las misiones diarias son como las misiones normales disponibles en el juego: una vez la misión ha sido completada (que pueda ser repetida), aparecerá en la lista de misiones diarias disponibles. Esta es la primera versión de las misiones diarias, la cual seguramente acabará evolucionando con el paso del tiempo. ¡Estamos abiertos a opiniones y sugerencias! Si desean ver más información sobre anuncios realizados anteriormente, pueden hacerlo pulsando aquí. Apóyanos y obtén recompensas ¡Nos vemos en el juego! Equipo de Naïca
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    Its not the best but i like it
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    My own creation and weird design
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    Holy moly im excited!! I've been waiting too long for this
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    This poll was created to check a hypothesis.
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    Hello, @Eternal. First, we appreciate your suggestion! it's very important to us. I agree that this hitbox is very small and I believe that an improvement is needed in this regard, helping the player's understanding. As mentioned above, as the game is still in the release phase, there will always be things that need to be improved or corrected. Soon you will receive a response to your suggestion. Thank you.
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    This issue (Hit boxes) for sure gonna be fixed in future updates, maybe for beta versión. So don't worry , itll be ok
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    The Cursed Crystals and the fallen Cursed Items: This idea is based on the possibility of obtaining cursed Items in the game, Items that are very powerful but have handi caps such as "this object is more expensive to repair" these could be found in some área type "Temple of the fallen naica" with ancient and powerful enemies. The fallen temple: An ancient temple already forgotten and cursed by the former gods of naica.
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    Trying to put all the five races together in one pic is hard... Beers up, shatter slam.
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    Wanted to support the devs. Have some fan art, guys, I know how it feels to get one. Keep up the great work!
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    Hello everyone, I guess it's time to kick off the community creations section. Here's a simple frog guy I did when bored. I''m looking forward to seeing your creations!
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    NAÏCA - Rules The community of Naïca is already big with several thousands of players. So in order to all enjoy our time on the forums and with other players, here are some rules (or more common sense) we all need to follow: 1) BE RESPECTFUL: Everyone is here to talk with other players or help them. Respect everyone and do not insult anyone's race, choices, platform preference, skill-level, or anything else. Also, we won't accept any form of bullying. Do not pick on or point out others' flaws in order to annoy them. Keep it constructive! 2) NO INSULTS, NOR INAPPROPRIATE WORDS OR IMAGES: Any profanity or inappropriate image even censored are not tolerated. 3) NO SPAM/ADS: Do not spam or promote content of any form in the forums. You can of course talk about other video games, brands or other topics as long as it is constructive. 4) PRIVACY: Do not publicly post any form of informations related to your real life or to someone else's life. Real life's informations includes names, phone number, adresses, photos, email adresses, private messages/emails and anything else that will to identify you or someone else of the community. 5) NO LEAKS: No leaks are allowed in the forums. If you are concerned about leaks please contact an Admin or a Moderator. We want our players to have the best experience possible and to enjoy the surprises we'll create for them. 6) COMPLAINTS: We won't tolerate aggressive or hostile complaints posted in the forums. If you want to complaint about something in the game, write a constructive topic or answer. If you have a complaint about a player, please report him. If you wish to complaint about your behaviour on the forums, send the Moderators a message and they will handle your case. 7) NO SPOIL: We all enjoy books, tv series and movies so please do not spoil anyone in the forums or we'll snap our fingers. USE THE CORRECT FORUMS: Post only in the forum's language. Any post or comment in the wrong language will be deleted. Failure to this rules can result in a warning point being applied and ultimately to account sanctions if necessary. Acquiring warning points will result in the following sanctions: 3 warning points = 4 days suspension 5 warning points = 10 days suspension 6 warning points = permanent ban (forums) *Warning point will automatically be removed 1 year after being applied. Keep in mind that warnings are used as reminders to participate respectfully on the forums. If unable to do so, you will receive additional warnings and potentially face the sanctions listed above. ** Warning points are only visible by the warning point holder, Moderators, Staffs and Admins. Warning points are private informations and should remain this way.
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