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    U can probably see these in most of the RPGs, but they're a necessary. The types of damage can be applied to weapon, or a weapon itself can have them. Types of damage: Physical Damage - Basic damage done by normal weapons. Magic Damage - Basic damage done by spells Fire Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Water Monsters Water Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Fire Monsters Earth Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Air Monsters Air Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Earth Monsters Light/Holy/Blight Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Shadow Monsters Dark/Shadow/Void Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Light Monsters Explosion Damage - Good for Splash damaging Electric Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Robot/Electronic Monsters Crystal Damage - Bonus damage when attacking Crystal Monsters (Note: I'm just showing most of the types of damage, I'm not suggesting adding every of them.)
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    They are aware and working on it. https://trello.com/b/17gJjNAy/naicaonline-tracker
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    Hello everyone, I'd like to offer my feedback now I've played the game a bit. I'm playing on PC and I've only tried mage so far. First, I'd like to congratulate the whole team for the incredible work. All my critics below are made with all my respect for the work done. I have a small idea of what it takes to create a game, and it's always humbling to be able to try an ambitious game like Naïca. Also, I am aware some of my critics will likely be due to my own ignorance and not the game itself. Let me know when it's the case. The Good - I like the visual design of the map - I like the class system, it's promising - Monsters are diverse with cool mechanics - I'm having fun!! Most important part The Less Good There is more content here but it's also more specific , again, I'm having fun! User Interface (I guess most things are because "it's alpha" :)) - Shortcuts for quest panel, map, bags, skills, etc. are missing - Following a quest's progress on the UI is missing - Interactable elements (on the map or in the UI) are not reactive (items, quest, etc.) - Sometimes I think something is interactable when it's not. I think a specific cursor would help. - I'm still not sure how I can equip a potion. I managed to do it once, and have not been to equip a mana potion nor new, better health potions. - Equipping new gear is a pain (see my reactivity point above) - I'm not getting a new skill point every level, and don't know when I should get them. - I have not understand how to write to other players, nor how to group with them, yet Gameplay/Combat Those are my actual big critics. - Targeting as a mage is terrible. Sometimes it fires a projectile somewhere for no apparent reason and I end up getting aggro (and die) - It's hard to tell the range of my close-range AOE. - Controls don't feel appropriate. Right-clicking for movement and left-clicking for abilities would feel much better when it comes to kiting - Either I try to kite and the monster reset because it leaves it's aggro range (I think) or I end up fighting like a warrior and die often. It's not a satisfying experience. - "Missing" and "Criting" enemies is frustrating because I don't what is at play for the spell not to miss or crit. Sometimes I miss 10 times in a row and sometimes I never miss (same enemy, same level) I don't feel I'm getting better because I'm not sure how to get better. I fallback on the "farm low enemies to grab a few levels" which is not satisfying. I'm pretty sure my combo should be aoe-cc then kite like mages in most games, but it doesn't feel good right now. I will probably reset as a warrior as soon as possible to try something else. Other - I was not able to chose my race Thank you very much for the game, and the time reading me. Cheers, Flebeleb
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    Could you send me your email address in DM please? The iOS/Mac versions will be available this month
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    Every race can have some sort of small bonus (passive spell), which isn't making them OP, but can help players choose. Vulpians - Faster movement Denelites - idk 'xdd Ophimanders - Faster regeneration Cerbalis - More health Azralians - Better stealth /harder getting caught/ (pickpocketing or lockpicking too if you're planning on adding some of them) Or just a special spell for every of them.
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    This is a great idea but the devs would have to be careful if they added special skills to try to avoid overuse of certain races just because it too greatly outweighs other's bonus skills, thus forcing certain builds for certain roles. The idea of the skills is to be able to make your own unique build after all. And of course people are going to use certain builds for certain roles but there shouldn't be any build that can take up all roles better than a build that specializes in one.
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    Yes we know about that, the feature will be fully available later on!
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    Thank you very much! Several players already asked for a key to interact with players (F, mainly)
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    Here I talk about some things that would greatly improve gameplay. First I will comment on some things that I thought straight away. - A key to zoom in / out on the map (I suggest the +/- keys by default); - Mouse Scroll also to zoom in / out on map; - Key to interact with NPCs / scattered items (I suggest F or G by default); - R-Click mouse on floor to move; - Double L-Click mouse on enemies to attack with first skill (assuming first skill is basic attack). These are some of the key things that would make the gameplay much more fluid and friendly, without requiring players to keep switching between mouse and keyboard at all times, which is quite unnecessary and stressfull. These are the only ideas that came to mind for now. I believe that in the course of alpha I may have some more suggestions regarding this.
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    I would like the game to gain a put option, such as: An NPC that receives the items we want to sell, to all players on the server, if the player no longer wants to sell the item, returns. There may also be the option to sell and trade with nearby players, such as: Click another player and ask if you want to trade or buy the item from your inventory. Eu gostaria que o jogo obtivesse uma opção de venda, como: Um NPC que recebe os itens que queremos vender, a todos os jogadores no servidor, se o jogador não quiser mais vender o item, retorna. Também pode haver a opção de vender e trocar com jogadores próximos, como: Clique em outro jogador e pergunte se você deseja trocar ou comprar o item do seu inventário.
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    First of all, greetings to the community of Naica: I wanted to focus on making a suggestion about Discord. As everyone knows, Discord is where there is more activity with users , more dialogue and questions. That's why I think it would be a good idea to add a new title on the server of this platform. I am referring to that of "Helpers". My proposal is based on having a couple of helpers in each language available (EN / ES / BR / FR). And to be, the user must apply a form in a corresponding section of the forum. With questions that the development team wants to make sure the person will do a good job on it. Only to be able to obtain information about the applicant user. I have dealt with many forums and Discord servers of other games, and this form is very used. I think it's a good idea since it would be a great help for the development team. So you should not spend much time answering basic questions with users in Discord. The accepted person could have the corresponding tag to their native language in Discord (and Forum if you want). Like "[ES Helper]" or "[EN Helper]" with any color. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this suggestion, regards.
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    Almost all of that is going to be fix in the coming weeks! We will check later for the hotkeys.
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    It's the same drop rates for mini-dungeon & dungeon. Otherwise it's even lower for regular monsters in the swamp.
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    It increases mana by 20
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    Pupuce is lvl 19 he is not supposed to give a lvl 22(in a party so xp is split) alot of xp. lvl 19 mater shrooms on the map is what you should be grinding up to lvl 23 then the mini dungeon. at lvl 23 the main dungeon will give you 0xp until they make it dynamic like the mini. If the drop rate were any higher with the current gear prices I could make even more o f a mint of in game currency. I can make between 80-100k a day as it is with not much effort.
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    Bravo pour votre job ! J'aimerais aussi vous tenir au courant d'un bug qui m'arrive souvent, sans raison, je me retrouve dans un rollback infini ou je suis obligé de mourir ou déco-reco. J’espère que ce bug sera corrigé. Sinon vous êtes au top!
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    I don't know if I should make a new topic or adress things about this update here: - Drop rate: Maybe it went TOO low. I did 6 consecutive runs on Pupuce, only 1 drop. Did A LOT of mini dungeons in a week, only 2 equip drops and absolutely no potions. And being o'barr items untradeable it gets really frustrating. Also on dungeon sugestions: - Shouldn't pupuce steak and tentacles be worth more than 1cc in the shop? after all they're a lot more difficult to get than say, pungi pieces. - Also Pupuce isn't granting a lot of xp, I've been stuck in lvl 22 for almost a week and I grind a lot.
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    Hello! Loving naïca so far! I love how devs are quickly implementing positives changes and updating the game. I know it must be a really huge and gruesome thing to tackle, but maybe in the future the possibility of adding an auction house or trade hub would be great. For example I'm looking for armor and helm of o barr because it's really difficult to get 5 players to get to the dungeon (and now it's more difficult because everyone is doing the mini dungeon). I have lots of epic weapons that I wish to trade for them but sadly I must go around running and spamming in chat if someone wants to trade. Super annoying. Si in the future maybe an auction house or a trade hub (where you can "deposit" your item and choose the criteria of the item you're looking for with simple selections) and when someone has an item that fulfills that criteria It can be exchanged automatically and sent to your bag. Maybe you can click checkboxes or categories For example Looking for: Armor/bow/orb/sword/amulet/etc... Common/uncommon/rare/etc Dex: any Int: 40-55 Str: 60-100 And so on.
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    yes, once you open a rank in any skill tree you can pick a skill from another skill tree in the same rank. once you unlock slit throat(rank 5 war) you can then next skill point get flash heal(rank 5 heal)
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    Yes we will definitely add that!
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    Hey everyone! With the Closed Alpha release we almost forgot to keep this thread up to date! But have no fear! Here are some screenshots of the Cerulean Forest we are actually working on! Here you can see the Lumberjack's house who is the first NPC you will encounter at the entrance of the Cerulean Forest! As you may know, Naïca is home to the cults of Naïde and Icaon and here is a shrine of the latter one. You will discover these shrines all across Lazul waiting for you to find them! The landscape will also be quite different and more diverse than the swamp are. New area of course means new camp! Here is a glimpse of what the camps of the Cerulean forest might look like... On the left you can see the statue of one Lazul's legendary heroes. You will find few of them along the way! All these screenshots are still Work In Progress as the Cerulean Forest is a much wider area than the Swamp and we still need some time to refine it! That's it for today, we are still busy fixing and designing the game at the same time but we will keep you up to dat with the devellopment of the game in the coming months! Thanks again for your support and I hope to see you all soon in Naïca!
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    (deso pour l'ortographe j'ai un clavier anglais) selon les competences et/ou les actions du joueur, les classes pourront evoluer en d'autres classes superieures a partir d'un certain niveau. les classes superieures auront de nouvelles competences et des types d'armes differents. voici mon idee d'evolution: Guerrier (epee et bouclier) -> paladin (utilise les masses et les boucliers) -> samourai (katana et couteaux) -> berserker (epee et grosses epees) -> chevalier (epee et bouclier +) -> vagabond (utilise deux epees) Archer (arc) -> tireur d'elite (utilise les pistolets et arcs) -> sniper (utilise les arcs +) -> voleur (utilise les arcs et les couteaux) Mage (baton) -> sorcier (utilise les batons et les livres) -> guerrier magique (utilise les epee, les livres et les orbes, peut utiliser 2 objets en meme temps) -> necromancien (utilise les batons et les orbes) -> soigneur (utilise les orbes+) -> magicien *utilise les batons et les livres +) j'espere que ca plaira au developpeurs, bon jeu a tous !!
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    Hi, I wanna show you today something we did some weeks ago. There is still work to do on it but basically trading will be like that (still Work In Progress). You take the items you wish to exchange and put them in your exchange window. Once done, you can confirm the exchange and when both players have done it, the trade proceeds.
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    A new script was written by @Naphtalineto randomize the animation time of the crystals glow in the Swamps. This way, it won't feel robotic but more organic!
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    Hey everyone! Here are some sketches for monster research made by @greglofe and @Sol. Most of them won't be in Naïca, but you may see some in Lazul: you'll have to keep attention!
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    Hey everyone ! I've been doing some research sketches for the forest of Lazul these last few days ! Here are two drawings regarding this area !
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