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  1. Yesterday
  2. Delirium

    Pour quand la sortie ?

    Merci !! C'est que j'ai hâte de voir le résultat
  3. ZeddOTak

    Pour quand la sortie ?

    Bonjour ! Naïca n'a pas de date de sortie mais nous allons sortir l'Alpha fermée dans les mois à venir. On vous tiendra au courant de la date exacte lorsque ça sera prêt !
  4. Bonjour ! Juste pour savoir si quelqu'un a une idée de la date de sorti du jeu, merci
  5. Last week
  6. As i said in previous comment alpha will be released in few mounts, but beta will come out a lot later. There is still a lot of development to be done so just be patient.
  7. Beta key? Dude alpha is not out yet, beta will take a year or probably more to come out.
  8. I am waiting a long time, for my beta key but i not received this. have a good night. Regards Rafaraone
  9. Hello guys. Nice DevStream, but the áudio of this stream It's noisy, i am anxious to play this games. Have a good week! Regards Rafaraone
  10. ZeddOTak

    Monster book

    That's a nice idea but more useful in solo RPG games. We keep this in mind though
  11. ZeddOTak

    PVE test

    @LIZARTCurrently there are no User Interface for PC but we'll work on it soon! That's why playing Naïca on mobile look better
  12. Petko

    Monster book

    Yeah but like official on www.naicaonline.com
  13. D3dBrain

    Monster book

    I think you are talking about the Wiki
  14. Earlier
  15. LIZART

    PVE test

    Just as I look at this alfe presented in the film, I think it will be better to play on mobile devices of course, according to me. But I accept the presentation of this gameplay positively. I'm definitely waiting for this game.
  16. LIZART

    What will be you character ?

    Ophimanders, without a doubt. According to the description, they supposedly come from dragons, and as my name comes from lizards, it somehow encourages me.
  17. LIZART

    Guilds groups & ranks

    It sounds very good, the system has already fallen into the standards, so it can also appeal to the players of older games. The idea of adding the possibility of changing the names of ranks along with boredom or being unique is also not worse, I'm on the plus side
  18. LIZART


    I definitely belong to those who are waiting for the game to be released. So my HYPE LEVEL has gone off scale in anticipation of this promising game. 10/10, understated to fit in the range.
  19. ZeddOTak

    Criação de conta

    Hi, you are already registered on Naicaonline.com and you even received 2 emails about it.
  20. Boavj

    Criação de conta

    Olá. Eu não estou conseguindo criar uma conta. Quando eu coloco a senha aparecem algumas instruções. Mas eu já coloquei a senha de acordo com as instruções, mesmo assim não deu.
  21. ZeddOTak


    Hello, Naïca is planned on Linux/Ubuntu! I deleted your other post in Discusiones del juego.
  22. Alej4ndr0


    Estaría bueno que NAICA agregué el juego a la plataforma para Linux/Ubuntu ya que hay personas que tienen ese sistema operativo
  23. Ya quiero jugaaaar ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Primero que nada, ¡Bienvenido! segundo, es posible que hayan micropagos dentro del juego, y a lo mejor haya otro tipo de moneda como "platinos" que sean la moneda que se adquiere mediante dinero real. Los desarrolladores dijeron en el dev que el juego no será un p2w (pay to win). Aún no se si dijeron que podras comprar con ese dinero. De igual manera te comento que las donaciones que puedes realizar están en la página principal del juego. Y con respecto al metodo de pago, a lo mejor por ahora tengan tarjeta de crédito, ya que es muy sencillo. He leído que los metodos de pago mediante celular es muy complicado y caro. De todas maneras, tengo entendido que debes ser mayor para comprar mediante celular. Aunque las lineas siempre están a nombre de nuestros padres. saludos! Thoradin
  25. Thoradin

    How did you find Naïca?

    I was googling to find a new game and read about some developers working on a new mmorpg 2D game, and has a Fox in it. I said "Fuck yeah! I'm in !"
  26. ZeddOTak

    PvE Test - Discussion thread

    Hey! During the closed Alpha you will play in the swamps, with the dungeon being a small part of it. The rest of Lazul will be released later!
  27. Tirando esses factos mencinados em cima - "potencia bruta dos montros" e o "problema com fps", penso que o jogo está a dar longos passos para um excelente mmorpg. Adorei as animações, a jogabilialdade e o sistema de talentos. Achava ótimo conseguirem o sistema de looking for group o mais rápido possível porque na minha opinião é uma ferramenta indispensável neste tipo de jogo e por vezes torna-se difícil, como se verificou no teste, de arranjar um grupo para combater em modo pve. Continuem com o bom progresso
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