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  2. This is more of a finished game suggestion than alpha but I will forget it until then so here we go. ----------------------------------------- An arena type event once a week where the leaders of the top X guilds register X amount of people from their guild for an event where they compete against eachother.If someone is offline at the time of the event then the online members pick someone else from the guild.If no one is online then they are disqualified. The competitions could be varied and wouldn't have to be pvp only: PVP 1v1,2v2,4v4,deathmatch,etc. PVE where all the contestants are naked and each guild has to fight a monster/dodge obstacles, relying on skill rather than gear. ------------------------------------------ Normal players who aren't participating can bet on who they think will win. If it is possible to do the event could have spectators. One way to do it would be if the arena is open at all times however the inside ring cant be accesed by walking and you need to be teleported inside. A few mins before the event starts the fighters are teleported into the waiting room which has a locked exit, when it's time for the event the exit unlocks and it leads to the inner part of the arena. An issue with that method is if the inner part is too big the spectators won't be able to see what's going on clearly, maybe when they take a seat the camera would zoom out and focus on the inner part instead of the player ------------------------------------------ But anyway Im just throwing ideas around, have a nice day!
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  4. How’s it going guys! Haha it’s been a while but I’m back. I have a question mostly directed for the developers of Naïca Online. Question: I am not quite sure how the online aspect of the game will work. Will all the players online be in one world (or server)? Will it be divided into regions? In the end I don’t mind what the developers opted for, I just hope everyone has fun and enjoys the game. Ultimately that’s what the devs want. If anyone else may be able to answer my question please do! Thanks, Jig
  5. @ZeddOTak @Lex Honestly it’s very cool to see that the devs and players think alike, that will most likely lead to a strong community which is nice to see.
  6. Azralian might be interesting for me. The Dev mention Azralian are master of hide. And I think, their gameplay might prefered as assasins or thief. Perhaps they are not a type of tanks, but it will be more interesting if you can developt your own character freely.
  7. Last week
  8. Hello everyone, it's been a while! Since the last post, a lot of things happened for Naïca and this is mainly due to the preparation of our big test phase prior to the closed Alpha. We launched it this week with a few selected players in order to have direct feedback, and fix most of the servers issues & bugs. The best news out of this is it's working better than expected. Our previous tests lasted only for a few hours (2-3h) and this is the first time we have had servers open 24/7. We experienced some crashes & bugs but we are fixing them along the way: for example, monsters didn't work correctly (they had only 1 attack instead of 2) and you couldn't get into the arena nor into the dungeon. This works totally fine now, don't worry! But, we kinda forgot to put Pupuce, the dungeon boss, level 7 so she was level 1 for the first teams going in the dungeon... And they couldn't loot her but this is going to be fixed today so no biggie. Great news for everyone right? In the coming weeks there will be a lot of fixing, patching, and we will be adding new features to ease the gameplay for players (but not making the game itself easier, just easier to play & to understand). This way, we'll have a great closed Alpha to show you all guys! We hope you'll like this longer post which embraces an important step for us before the launch of the closed Alpha, still planned for the coming months!
  9. Hey, we already have this feature in mind so we'll definitely work on it! Thanks for your feedback
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  11. Hey, how's everyone doing? Hope all's good. I'm sure this has come up before, but since I didn't see a thread about it, here it is: Please add a Loot All function. It's kind of annoying to tap to each and every item to take them. Besides the loot all button at the top or bottom of the item drop list, I was also thinking, if possible, to make it so that when you tap-hold the item on the floor, you take everything in one go, without showing the item drop list. That's my idea for now. I'll update/post new thread in case I come up with something else. Sincerely, Lex
  12. ENGLISH : We should be able to TP between the checkpoints to move on the map (which is huge). So that would be easier to complete quests, repair our equipment, etc... FRENCH : Nous devrions pouvoir nous téléporter entre les checkpoints (la map étant énorme). Cela faciliterait le déplacement, afin d'aller faire des quêtes, réparer son équipement, etc...
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  14. To be honest I love games that I could enjoy with my friends and the guild system seems super cool! Can’t wait to start a guild with my buddies haha.
  15. iv wanted to play WoW but just dont have a pc. Heard its fun though
  16. My character most probbably be like a paladin style, it will be caster/warrior if i can make it work, because i have huge like in being a paladin
  17. To see a games development before a big audience is always exciting. Can't wait to see whats in store with this guild system and the progress it has in the game. WOOOP WOOp
  18. I was looking for MMORPG's to play and I came across this!
  19. I'll be a vulpian ranger. Like a Robin Hood of some sort. A good guy.
  20. Paladins, World Of Warcraft, Nostale, ...
  21. Reymi9

    PVE or PVP

    OOHH YEAH, thats exactly what I want!
  22. Some areas will be in open PvP, which means you will be able to fight everyone there!
  23. I also have a question, will pvp be limited in arenas like in the pre-alpha? i hope not... it would be cool to meet someone in the world randomly and just start dueling!
  24. I like pvp more than pve. too bad i haven't seen this before the pole ended
  25. Well if it is free my forum name :P!
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