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  5. I have a controller "Dazz Dual Shock Combat", that is working to Gamepad Tester, but I can't use in Naica. Do you know what is going wrong?
  6. I greet you my animal warrior friends ! So, i just wanted to ask a quick question, before i start no-life-ing in this game, good that i checked the forums and saw that here is going to be a wipe hehehe... Now, when can we actually start to play care-free without any fear or any future wipes ? i know that it may be way to early to ask since everything is in development, but i would like an estimate at least... since i don't want my free-time to go for nothing Kind Regards everyone !
  7. Mandem aqui seus conteúdos do YouTube sobre Naica. Aproveitem e ajudem seus colegas jogadores de Naica que compartilharam antes de você.
  8. So, how can I help with translation?
  9. Hey! This feature is planned for Naïca! It's great to see you are looking forward to it! Thanks for the screeshots
  10. Here, log in first: https://naicaonline.com/en/alpha
  11. no hay version de 32??
  12. Earlier
  13. E intentado entrar al juego, y no me es posible, alguien tiene un tutorial o algo similar, para saber como jugar en invitado
  14. Simplesmente fica infinitamente "Checking Updates" por horas. Não é problema com o pc e muito menos com minha conexão, estou frustrado pois consegui acesso ao Alpha fechado e estava ansioso para testar. Em uma das vezes chegou a exibir esse erro de JS porém o Checking Updates não parou. https://prnt.sc/qpc701
  15. Either I’m blind or can’t seem to find where to insert the key code
  16. I have a problem adding a friend to my guild "Los Furros", when i tried to add my friend "UltSpartan" says: "this username doesn't exist or is disconnected " or something like that, i wait for yout answer thank you.
  17. Essa vai ser minha primeira vez jogando o jogo, e eu não sei quanto tempo demora para baixá-lo, mas já está há um bom tempo em 1%
  18. So I saw this on the mobile game Bit Heroes. Thought it was a great idea and it works beautifully. So basically what happens is when you acquire a piece of armor it goes into the "Cosmetic Page" where (for vanity reasons) you can equip the piece of armor as a visible piece of clothing. So here is an example. Say I have a hood but it is level 12 and I am wearing a level 22 Santa hat, I can go into a page where I can equip the hood as my visible armor but in reality I still have the Santa hat on. Here's the link for how to do the cosmetic page from Bit Heroes for an idea on how it works. If there's any questions I'm happy to further explain. https://imgur.com/a/965Qh
  19. Should be good now! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  20. Официальный сайт PlayAmo Casino - https://playamo.pro/
  21. I have a problem that when I load the game tells me that failed to load mono: - /
  22. In my languange: Olá! Tentarei digitar o português mais claro possível para que a tradução automática colabore conosco. Seria possível a inserção da plataforma "Paypal" para pagamentos? Em transações mundiais, é um dos melhores métodos de trabalhar. Além de que, eu estou muito interessado em comprar o acesso imediato, mas só consigo pagar via Paypal. Me desculpe, não sei escrever em inglês. In english: Hello! I will try to type the clearest possible Portuguese so that the automatic translation collaborates with us. Would it be possible to insert the "Paypal" platform for payments? In worldwide transactions, it is one of the best methods of working. Besides, I'm very interested in buying immediate access, but I can only pay via Paypal. I'm sorry, I can't write in English.
  23. Hola me preguntaba cuando se traduciría al español el juego?
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