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  4. I know theres plenty of time to go before release, but I have an idea about color customization. Maybe there could be certain color palettes for people who donated before release to use on gear and characters. I could also see it being really cool if certain events/achievements gave you the option to pick between maybe 2 or 3 colors with the choice being irreversible. It could give players a chance to be different and know that not every color would be available to them so they'd have to pick wisely. Maybe even in app purchases of certain colors for an income boost. (Excluding event/achievement based colors) I tried to find similar topics about this, but I'm not sure if this has been discussed before. Theres tons of opportunity for character and gear customization that I thought I'd at least post this before I forgot about it. Lemme know your thoughts!
  5. Hi everyone ! I'm Sol and I work as Level Designer on Naïca. Today I wanted to show you a tool I am using on a daily basis. We call it the Magic Tile. It was designed for Unity by the dev team to allow me to create various grounds on a large scale. The tool calculates the position of every tiles within the area I'm drawing and links the appropriate sprite to each of these tiles. Here on this example I am using the "Paint with a filled box" tool of my Tile Palette with the Magic Tile selected. That specific tile is even more special as it uses a 5*5 tile set as reference, allowing me to draw multiple levels of ground at once. By just erasing the middle section it draws the inner section and by adding more filled boxes to the sides it draws the outter section. That's all for today !
  6. maniaC

    PVE or PVP

    PvE sounds like what I'd be interested in the most. But I guess if there's a really good PvP system I'd probably go hard in that too.
  7. I'd have to experience this feature for myself, I don't quite understand. I would like a deeper explanation because I find the suggestion intriguing.
  8. It is planned, this is why there are 4 different language sections on the forums: english, french, spanish and portuguese!
  9. We'll see about that! Out of context, but can you use the Normal (Default formatting) for your messages? Thanks!
  10. Hey, can you develop your question? It seems very broad.
  11. Earlier
  12. Hi Fox, In a first place Naïca will be released in english, french, spanish and portuguese. The team will work on other languages later as @ZeddOTak said on this post
  13. how will the level system be distributed? Thanks!
  14. I would recommend a method of enchanting weapons or armor (clothing, accessories, as you please) through stones and jewelry. For example: my weapon has 10 attack, with a spell stone that gives +5 attack and my blacksmith skills (plus a recommendation that we can forge our own tools) I could charm, thus getting a weapon with 15 attack . Hug!
  15. translate the game into Portuguese. Please, this will bring a lot of players and it will help a lot!
  16. Hi there! 


  17. Do the game will localisate on Russian language?
  18. I don't think you can get Cube World anymore, just cracked :)) Realm of the mad God sounds fun, i'll check it out as well.
  19. Cerbalis or Azralians. I still hesitate between the both
  20. Maniak

    PVE or PVP

    Both. But I prefer PVE
  21. How does it work? Looks like we have to register, can't you link a YouTube video or give more explanations?
  22. What a great pixelated graphics! I've got the nostalgic feeling about this game, really looking forward to play this game when it's released!
  23. https://gamersclub.com.br/j/17976672/e83e8b7dd1d0ad72298e7d2c284aeff1
  24. I'll check those games out! Thanks.
  25. Well Realm of the mad God was never very popular I think but its quite good.It's a 2D pixel MMORPG with 15 classes to choose from and quite a lot of cool stuff.It's an old game but I like to play it from time to time.Cube World was quite popular in 2013 , but it died becouse no uptades were made.I hope Naica will be better than both couse im very excited for it.
  26. Yeah that’s similar to my idea. On the balancing topic though, I’d just try the developers on that.
  27. I never heard of those games but I’m happy you found Naïca none the less!
  28. Tengo unas ansias de poder jugar el juego, de seguro será un juegazo
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