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  3. This is not talent, it's skill and time.
  4. when entering the storage and see your things equipped, if you give the manito repeatedly and fast (the button to equip or de-stock) the object is cloned and you can do that several times with all your objects equipped, then you equip those you had and those that you have left over you can sell them in the store, I think they should fix that
  5. Hello, Just write your nickname in another text box of another app, even the search bar of the Google Chrome and then copy+paste it. I had the same problem but you can do this and works just fine.
  6. Reserved myself a nickname through donation. Got email that I can take it. Can't type it in. It only takes the first letter after that it just doesn't respond or types multiple same letters. I'm on android btw. Chrome
  7. Não sei se é somente comigo. Mais meu personagem não entra mais no jogo. Fica somente nessa tela.
  8. Last week
  9. I will try to collaborate with a donation! You deserve it.
  10. Hello everyone! As you may have seen in our newsletter a few weeks back, we are working on the UI for PC. As you can see, many things have change but it works in the same way. You will find your 5 differents actions, your items bar and we added a minimap to improve your adventure in Naïca. Minimap is a mandatory feature for MMORPGs on PC and we are looking if we can add it to the mobile version. Nothing sure for now, since we do not want to have too much information on your User Interface and we do not know if it's extremely useful on mobile. While developing it, we have had some issues with the drag and drop for short cuts menus but it's now resolved (thank you devs). In fact, in PC, you will be able to customize your short cuts bar to optimize your gaming experience. We will gladly listen to your feedback once you lay hand on the PC version of Naïca! WIP - User Interface of Naïca on PC
  11. Gotta go with the Ophimanders, descendants of dragons are bound to be the coolest
  12. Earlier
  13. Thank you so much for your support @Stephen!
  14. Best 30 Euro that I've spend. I'm so excited to play this game.
  15. Oui c'est indiqué sur la page ! @Hatalux
  16. @maniaC Hey, can you send me a DM and explain me where exactly do you have this issue? Thanks!
  17. Trying to donate but I guess my info I put when asked about donation wasnt the same as my card info. How can I change that? It doesnt give me an option and I assume keeps trying to use incorrect address.
  18. Sommes-nous sûr d'avoir une clé pour l'Alpha par le biais d'une donation ?
  19. Pacote vip ta beeem caro pra pouca coisa.
  20. Thank you so much for your support guys!
  21. Ola ZeddOTak. terai a possibilidade te fazer a Doação via boleto.? pois não estou conseguindo com meu cartão. desde já agradeço.
  22. Just bought the VIPack lets go bois!
  23. I saw this on your instagram page. I believe I’m going to opt for the VIP pack it comes with so much.
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