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  1. Yesterday
  2. Type of device doesn't count if it's the issue I explained above! If it's another issue, well we'll look into it
  3. Hello, can you send a screenshot of you in game?
  4. Server was down but is back up now!
  5. Last week
  6. I don’t know what it is connected with, the Internet seems to work. This happened after receiving the alpha using the code.The profile shows that I have access to alpha, but in the game I can’t enter.
  7. Hello, I have purchased access to the closed alpha and it says on my profile that I have acces to it, but whenever I log in, either my progress is reset or it says I am playing as guest.
  8. It appens the same to me in android, 2 different devices.
  9. This issue will most probably be fixed in the upcoming update: you have too much quests, preventing you from logging in. We are gonna add a limit of 10 on going quests/player.
  10. Hello, we are in contact with a localization company! But thank you I lock this topic.
  11. Il s'agit de l'Alpha fermée et non de la Beta ! Je t'en envoie un autre par message privé
  12. Lors du Japan Tour, j'ai visiter votre stand et vous m'avez distribuer un code me permettant (en théorie) d'accéder à la Béta fermé .... aujourd'hui, je découvre que ce code à déjà été utiliser par quelqu'un d'autre apparemment ..... mais ... comme vous pouvez le devinez facilement ... je ne l'ai pas utiliser .... (je ne peut pas envoyer des preuve, car : - les photos de mon téléphone forme des fichier trop gros pour la limite - Je n'ai pas de scanner )
  13. I have the same problem, today i can log for 10min but i cant log no more again, but my guest ACC works idk why this happen
  14. My guest ACC works fine, but alpha (...)
  15. Earlier
  16. 10 min and nothing Still waiting 1 day and the same problem continue, I paid alpha and credits for nothing? Waste of money? I cannot Log on game in all plantform, ios, android and PC APP have same problem and this os a bug from the game. And I ser other bug before its char become invisible all the time, I hope u can fix this My char name YuriKun
  17. The characters will also be reseted. And if you already reserved your name by being a donator, it will be reserved for the official release
  18. Os personagens serão resetados ou somente os nomes que serão? Will the characters be reset or will only the names be?
  19. Por Random Topic
  20. Naica Online Anunciado por Random Topic Un lugar donde encontrarás los videos que hacemos con el Podcast del mismo nombre, los Gameplays de videojuegos (actuales o no tanto) o videos de cosas que nos van ocurriendo en nuestro día a día, como los viajes que hacemos, reviews de películas, etc... Una amalgama de luces y colores salpimentada con nuestra imaginación y gusto por intentar hacer las cosas cada vez mejor para entreteneros a vosotros, quienes nos veis, y sacaros una sonrisa. Saludos del equipo de Random Topic: Raul / David / El Señor Geek
  21. O jogo deu um erro de JavaScript e agora não sai dos 17% alguém ajuda pf
  22. Sería muy bueno implementar el mini mapa al igual que en PC para las plataformas móviles. Que se encuentre en la parte superior derecho semi transparente cuando nos encontremos en movimiento y se vuelva solida al estar detenidos.
  23. Join the discord, they frequently upload alpha keys. Catch it on time and maybe you'll get one, you can also sign up with your email and they may send you alpha access. You can also donate a minimum of 3€ (euros) for instant access ----------------- Se unen a la discord, con frecuencia cargan claves Alpha. Cógelo a tiempo y tal vez obtendrás uno, también puedes registrarte con tu correo electrónico y pueden enviarte acceso Alpha. También puede donar un mínimo de 3€ (euros) para el acceso instantáneo
  24. The mini dungeon is in the swamp map, you'd have to go far south to cross to the swamp area where there are lvl 15+ enemies. To get to the mini dungeon keep traveling south you'll find a bridge to another island that has the mini dungeon and the big dungeon that has the boss.
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