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  2. I trust the developers, they have proven to want to release the best alpha they can.
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  4. Hi, I wanna show you today something we did some weeks ago. There is still work to do on it but basically trading will be like that (still Work In Progress). You take the items you wish to exchange and put them in your exchange window. Once done, you can confirm the exchange and when both players have done it, the trade proceeds.
  5. Seems like everyone is just as excited as I am!
  6. Coolconsept, I've seen this in games that I've played almost like enchanting in MC
  7. I got an idea for a great crafting system 1:All the items should be crafted 2:These items will have statistics that will change our damages 3:These items will have intervals for all the statistics. For exemple:a hat will give between 10 and 15 hp. With this system people will also focus on the jobs and an item with the perfect stats will be really expensive ^^ so there will be a good economy and people won't juste farm the dungeon to have stuff
  8. Yo creo que seria bueno al menos tener mascotas así sea simplemente de adorno o de montura, si vamos al caso las monturas no otorgan nada mas que velocidad y no creo que se pueda catalogar como Pay2Win... ya que si no se le agregan Stats no hay ningún tipo de problema. Sumo también, que seria bueno que se puedan capturar si son monturas y en el caso de ser estéticas que sean por ejemplo algún enemigo en concreto como un Boss etc, con algunas variantes en el color o tamaño.. algo así como un estilo Baby del Boss.. Saludos!
  9. Yo apoyo la idea, sobretodo si hablamos de los gremios.. (Casa propia, no le veo mucho sentido, esto no es un juego de Sims) pero si seria genial un lugar que represente el ideal o la imagen de cada gremio dentro del juego, incluso seria genial que permitan crearlo de 0 o agregando niveles y opciones de personalización luego de llevar acabo ciertas tareas, misiones, crafteos, de esa forma le daría una mejor temática a los clanes,etc.. y no solo seria algo que normalmente se ve enfocado en el PVP.. Saludos!!
  10. A new script was written by @Naphtalineto randomize the animation time of the crystals glow in the Swamps. This way, it won't feel robotic but more organic!
  11. 19.03.2019, 17:50 CEST -  Im so hyped, cant wait to play this cute little Ophimander!   u.u

  12. Petko

    PVE test

    Well yeah... UI is the same for PC and Mobile (for now at least ) but you can still play on PC and that was your original question. -Petko
  13. @Petko Thanks, in the video from the pre-alpha there was the user interface for mobile and @ZeddOTak said there is no user interface for pc that's why i asked.
  14. Not soon i think, they cough whit the light novel and they need to wait. Might be 2021, that's what i heard. Or they will deviate from the story and do it them selves which is unlikely. But we might get an 24 ep season (i think this is speculation, not sure).
  15. @Loucario33Sachant que l'Alpha fermée n'est pas encore sortie, non la Bêta n'est pas disponible !
  16. La bêta test est encore diso ? Puis pour le problème des monstre une réduction de state ( ou un buff de groupe une fois le groupe/équipe plein genre " stat up x% " sa serais bien et sa permettrais de trouver des groupe plus rapidement )
  17. Jigoku


    @Petko Thank you for the insight! At what time pets could be added into the game doesn’t really matter to me, I’m just super excited and I have many ideas I’d like to see in the game that will most likely not make it.
  18. Noted guys, thanks for the suggestion!
  19. Petko

    PVE test

    Pre alpha tests were on PC and Android and closed-alpha will also be on PC and Android. Iphone and Mac will come alter after game is stable on 2 original platforms. I hope i helped. -Petko
  20. Game devs go for full customization of your character but drawing on shields is less likely to be implemented since even guild won't probably be in closed-alpha. Also killing NPCs is just bad and there is no way game devs are going to do that. -Petko
  21. Earlier
  22. @ZeddOTak looking forward to what you do with it!
  23. I found Naïca through an Instagram ad. I love MMORPG games, there is a problem though, there are no good cross platform MMORPGs but Naïca looks great from what I've seen so far.
  24. I love pixel graphic so 10/10
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