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  2. Fuba

    Pacote VIP

    eu vou comprar o pacote vip,que pros brasileiros custará em torno de 120 reais,é um valor bem salgado,as recompensas farão realmente jús ao preço? tem como adiantar "os tipos" de recompensas que virão? Fuba-Brasil
  3. Tawnyx

    Rivers and Boats

    I agree! It could also be a cool way to sort of "fast travel" from one area (town/important spot?) to another
  4. DeathB4t

    Classes e Habilidades

    Raças No Naïca, você poderá jogar várias raças. Além disso, cada um deles terá um único passivo (iremos divulgá-lo mais tarde):
  5. Petko

    Game Over

    Good point
  6. Petko


    Okey, thank you and good luck
  7. D3dBrain


    Well, I guess I'm blind and I'm going to delete this xd
  8. Serurl

    Fat Frogman

    This pixel art is still under construction
  9. Jilano Alhuin

    Guilds groups & ranks

    You should post it in " Suggestions ". More detailed, it could be a great idea !
  10. Jilano Alhuin

    [DevStream] Retours et critiques

    Wow, une critique construite, ce n'était donc pas un mythe ? L'élu est parmis nous ! Pour en revenir au sujet, j'avais pas pu assister au devstream complet mais j'ai regardé la redif et malgré quelques petits soucis de son comme l'a fait remarqué Krik', j'avoue que c'était plaisant à voir / entendre. Hype over 9000 !
  11. ZeddOTak


    Of course it matters that you signed up, otherwise you have 0 chance to participate to the closed Alpha, nor the tests! Understand that we need to stabilize our game & servers before we make it available to ten of thousands of people, or the experience would be terrible. Time is a friend!
  12. Petko


    So it doesn't matter i signed for alpha i would only be able to play when you give me the key to do so?
  13. ZeddOTak


    Players will be choosen at random for the closed Alpha. As for the tests, you just have to register when it is announced!
  14. Petko


    So how will you pick which players get to play and which don't?
  15. ZeddOTak


    Have you read this DevBlog? Because it answers your question.
  16. D3dBrain


  17. D3dBrain

    add fishing rentable

    Oh yeah, a fishing system is always important for an RPG game! They can even make contests for fishing the biggest fish!
  18. D3dBrain

    PVE test

    1. There are going to be a lot of monsters, not only chickens 2. The game is going to be an open-world rpg, where we can explore the beautifulness of the nature in Naïca. The last time we were in arena because the devs were testing some things. 3. and 4. I think they haven't said what are we going to test yet. 5. I think it's too early for raids, since there isn't even a party system. 6. I registered too, can't wait to play my second test :3
  19. ZeddOTak


    Guilds will be available during the closed Alpha but maybe not at launch. As of the capacity, we'll keep you updated!
  20. ZeddOTak


    As Lismo perfectly stated, we will have a certain control over the number of players for the closed Alpha so it will be easier to manage. The number of access is not known at the moment, we will send keys regularly and we do not want 100k+ players coming on day 1 on the servers because they will crash & burn.
  21. D3dBrain


    I think it's because there is no game to talk about... ~ Yan
  22. Perdeu o nosso primeiro DevStream ontem? O replay está disponível em nosso canal no YouTube: Assista e descubra a jogabilidade do nosso novo teste de PvE!
  23. ¿Te perdiste nuestra primera retransmisión de desarrolladores de ayer? La repetición está disponible en nuestro canal de Youtube: ¡Míranos en cámara y descubre la jugabilidad de Naïca haciendo pruebas en PvE!
  24. Vous avez raté notre premier DevStream qui était hier ? Le replay est disponible sur notre chaîne YouTube : Voyez nous devant la caméra et découvrez le premier gameplay de notre nouveau test PvE !
  25. Did you miss our first DevStream yesterday? The replay is available on our YouTube channel: Watch us on camera and discover the first gameplay of our new PvE test!
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